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Streamlining candidate experiences and compliance

How ASA built a seamless, compliant and experience-driven onboarding process for their candidates and consultants using Flare

"Thanks to Flare, we have streamlined our candidates' experiences and cut down the onboarding process to a couple minutes per candidate."


Elise Moana

Quality Assurance Manager, ASA

Elise is responsible for managing initiatives in accordance with business requirements and legislative guidelines at ASA. 

Australian Staffing Agency (ASA) is a leader in hiring, staffing and permanent employment across a number of industry sectors, including: Logistics, Manufacturing and Administration since 1998. With a vision to lead in the recruitment industry, ASA is continuously striving to improve their business operations and build better and more personalised services for candidates and clients.


With thousands of candidates being placed each year, ASA had efficient recruitment processes in place for attracting talent, managing applicants and payroll processes using FastTrack360, but they wanted to further streamline their operations. Like most of the recruitment industry, ASA used manual, paper-based processes to manage job registration and candidate onboarding. This included gathering qualifications, licenses, certificates and other forms to finalise registration and manage compliance with candidates, as well as, engage in face-to-face meetings, paperwork and spreadsheets to manage candidate registration. These common recruitment processes were tiresome and time-consuming, and would take consultant's time away from candidate sourcing and business development.

With a commitment to staying ahead to better service clients and candidates, ASA wanted a better way to efficiently manage onboarding and compliance. This led them to identifying Flare as a solution.


With a background in recruitment, communications, legal and compliance, Elise knew ASA needed a solution that ensured compliance aligned to Fair Work and government legislation. At the same time, she wanted to streamline processes for consultants and candidates. She also knew that the best solution would fit the needs of consultants and candidates (who expect digital-first experiences and simple ways to complete their job registration).

Upon some research, ASA selected Flare, a digital onboarding and benefits solution that offers a paperless onboarding experience for candidates. Here are some problems ASA solved by using Flare:


Peace of mind: Compliance and auditing

ASA could rely on Flare for a compliant and digital onboarding process with direct integrations into the Australian Tax Office. ASA can easily auto-verify bank, tax and superannuation information; manage candidate e-signatures with timestamps; and have all documents stored in one place.

Streamlined experiences

With digital registration and onboarding, consultants can kick off onboarding for their candidates with the click of a button. Candidates can begin and complete onboarding on the go, with Flare's mobile-friendly and digital first onboarding journey. No manual paperwork or back and forth email processes are required.

Seamless integration into FastTrack360

ASA uses the FastTrack360 platform for applicant tracking and payroll processes. With a pre-built integration into FastTrack360, ASA simply and seamlessly connected Flare into their existing process, offering better end-to-end experiences for ASA consultants, who were already familiar with FastTrack360.

“Flare gives us peace of mind from an efficiency and compliance perspective. It also keeps us ahead of the curve and provides our candidates with an exciting and interactive experience."


Time saving and efficiency gains

From a time and efficiency perspective, ASA improved the candidate onboarding process by 5-25 times. The onboarding process can be completed within 15 minutes, compared to a process which previously took hours or weeks of back and forth between consultants and candidates. 

Streamlining and transforming onboarding experience

Within a month, ASA transformed their registration and onboarding processes from a traditional paper-based approach to a compliant, digital and modern experience, benefiting consultants, candidates and the business.


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