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Key Challenges

  • No HR system
  • HR process time consuming and manual
  • Costly onboarding process

Key improvements

  • Moving to a paperless onboarding process has reduced human errors.
  • Atomic 212° now has a seamless flow of data throughout the employee lifecycle.
About Atomic 212°

With a heritage in data-driven search optimisation, Atomic 212° started out as a search marketing and performance media business in 2007. Along the way, the company expanded and evolved into a full service creative and media agency where performance, results, and accountability continue to be at the core.

The Situation Before Flare

Building on a culture characterised by flexibility, imagination and innovation, this fast-growing agency expertly blends creative, media smarts, technology and data. To empower its talented people to set new standards, Atomic 212° re-engineered its business, breaking down business silos and departments. In this agency, client leads are true generalists who make unbiased recommendations as to the best marketing approach for each client. They then tap into the broader agency skillset via the relevant specialists to identify the most effective media mix for clients.

This operational structure led by a generalist client lead places an emphasis on an agile approach to resource. Put simply, the full-service nature of the agency across the integrated media ecosystem required a streamlined approach to internal communications and HR management due to the diversity of generalist and specialist roles that exist within the agency. 

While Atomic 212° has been a trailblazer in the industry, like many similar firms, the systems and processes that made up the operations side of this business had grown organically over time.

the solution
Standalone HR and payroll systems

So, when William Shirley, People and Payroll Administrator joined the organisation, managing HR and payroll services required an extensive mix of manual forms and logins to a number of discrete HR systems. There was one system for payroll, one for onboarding, and another for delivering HR services. In all, these systems delivered rich functionality, but were entirely siloed. None of the systems could talk to each other.

“While the systems we used were fully functional, each could only operate as a standalone system which left us with no single source of the truth,” comments William.

For example, working with siloed systems, William would have to download payroll information from one platform only to rekey the data into another, print it, and email it to the relevant parties. For paperwork-heavy tasks like onboarding, the entire process became a huge bottleneck.

“In advance of new hires starting, I’d manually prepare and send letters of offer and scan signed copies and store them in the employee’s file. On their first day, I’d ask them to complete onboarding paperwork including their tax forms, personal details, and superannuation preferences, which we would manually enter into our payroll system.  

“As we started to hire more people, it became clear that it would be impossible to sustain these manual processes. It made sense for us to look for integrated technology to handle all our onboarding, payroll and HR processes to cut out the enormous amount of duplication in paperwork and data double handling.”

The need for integrated HR and payroll

“Alongside our People & Culture Manager, we had started to do some initial research around employee benefits options and had come across Flare. We could see straight away that Flare offered us much more than simply employee benefits. Flare offered us payroll, HRIS, onboarding, rewards and benefits all in one. Flare ticked all the functionality boxes that we were looking for.”

Having made the decision to make the change to a comprehensive HRIS, payroll, and onboarding system, a demo of Flare was arranged. The People & Culture team saw immediately that it answered all their needs. After further due diligence, the team organised for the implementation process to commence. And with two new hires about to start the business, the company trialed Flare’s onboarding process with them and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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William Shirley People and payroll administrator - Atomic 212°
“Switching to Flare has saved me about 40% of the time I used to spend on payroll.”

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