Eliminating the manual onboarding process in Hospitality!




Key Challenges

  • Previous solution was clunky, difficult to use, not user-friendly and encountered resistance by staff.

Key improvements

  • Faster, simpler and smoother onboarding of new employees
  • Users can reset their accounts in seconds unlike the hours or days it took previously.

About Bankstown Sports Club

Founded in 1958, Bankstown Sports Clubs has grown to become one of the largest clubs in NSW. With over 70,000 members, the club supports dozens of sporting clubs, thousands of athletes as well as dozens of community groups and charities. Bankstown Sports Club has about 650 employees who work tirelessly to ensure a safe, exciting and fun entertainment destination. It is ranked among the top 10 registered clubs in Sydney.

Multiple Hospitality Venues, Restaurants & Clubs

Bankstown Sports Clubs manages the Basement Brewhouse, Greenfield Station Bistro, Lucky Cheng's, Platform One and a wide range of other venues in the food, entertainment and hospitality space.


The Situation Before Flare

The previous system had a basic recruitment and onboarding component. Staff could also retrieve their pay advice and even nominate a colleague for employee of the month. However, the system had an unwieldy access control mechanism. 

If an employee had an issue logging in, they couldn’t simply reset the password themselves. Instead, they had to get in touch with someone in HR to unlock or reset the account on their behalf. This process would take hours and sometimes days to complete. With the large number of employees, at least hundreds of hours were lost each year to this inefficiency.

Onboarding Employees

Bankstown Sports Club onboards roughly 150 workers each year. The process of onboarding a single employee used to be tedious with plenty of manual handling. HR officers had to constantly follow up with new staff to ensure they were doing what they needed to complete the process. The organization is growing fast and the number of staff onboarded annually is likely to grow significantly in coming years. Ergo, this manual process was something Bankstown Sports Club had to replace sooner rather than later. 


Why Flare?

With the time it took to onboard new employees, reset passwords and unlock user accounts, HR Manager Alison and CHR Advisor Sebastian knew that this wasn’t the ideal. Unfortunately, this was a problem that affected plenty of HR solutions out there. So when Alison learnt that Flare could be the answer they’ve been looking for to enhance employee onboarding and streamline access control, she and Sebastian were happy to try it out.

Reduced Admin Time & Resources

With Flare, the onboarding process is substantially smoother compared to the more arduos and chaotic workflow in the previous system. A handy API automatically relays new employee data from the recruitment application to Flare thus eliminating the manual data entry that was required before. 

The onus is on the employee to complete any of their missing information in the system before the contract is sent to the HR team. No more need for HR officers to be bogged down chasing down and updating information for each staff member based on the physical documents employees provide. Now with just a click of a button, new employees receive all their information and are quickly notified when they are in the clear to come for induction.

The fact that Flare can be customized to the organization’s unique needs during implementation is a major plus. The benefits portal is the cherry on top as that wasn’t a feature available in the old system. In fact, the benefits portal has been an invaluable tool in endearing Flare to staff.




“We’d be at a point where we had to almost start chasing employees to make sure we’d got all their documents whereas now, with the click of a button, they’re sent everything and they’re expected to do it.”

Experience Flare

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