A guide to all the best free resources for HR during COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, many businesses have stepped up to offer their support. Thanks to those companies, we have access to countless resources to help us during this challenging time. But with so many options available, it can feel overwhelming to pick and choose which ones are most valuable to you. To help, we compiled several free resources that may be valuable for HR teams at this time – whether it’s to use for themselves or to connect their employees to. 

For HR leaders 

A recent study found that the biggest challenges HR teams face in light of the pandemic are related to business continuity, remote work, and employee communications. With these priorities in mind, we pulled together a list of  software platforms that provide free solutions to these problems. 

  • Process management: HR leaders are feeling a lot of pressure right now. Not only are they trying to keep all their processes running smoothly, but they’re also dealing with the pressure of budget cuts and layoffs. That’s why we made the decision to provide our full HR solution for free to support medium and large Australian-based businesses and their employees. The solution includes everything from software to manage your onboarding and benefits process to employee benefits and discounts. The best part? Flare also offers free implementation to get your team up and running within 10 business days to minimise any disruptions to your business.
  • Employee surveys: Right now, it’s critical to have a finger on the pulse when it comes to employee sentiment. This helps organisations understand where they can improve and how to more effectively communicate with their teams. If you don’t have a tool in place to do so, Qualtrics released a series of free employee surveys for HR teams to use. Butterfly.ai also offers surveys specifically for deskless workers – a critical group to reach out to as these employees are likely to be on the frontlines of the pandemic. And if you’re not sure what types of questions to ask your employees, you can check out Culture Amp’s emergency response template, which contains survey questions that are easy to copy and paste into any performance management platform. 
  • Well-being and recognition: A huge challenge with remote work is figuring out how to keep employees motivated. One tactic to consider is employee recognition, which has been shown to drive engagement, retention, and productivity. Workhuman is a free recognition software that makes it easy to find moments to demonstrate gratitude to your employees virtually. Humu is also a great resource that currently lets anyone access their free email nudges, which send well-being reminders to distributed workforces. 

For your employees

Employees have a different set of challenges they’re trying to overcome. Their primary concerns revolve around finding ways to continue their professional development, while also managing the new levels of stress and anxiety introduced by the pandemic. There are also employees who have recently been laid off or furloughed and are looking for support with their job searches. We put together a list of resources to address all these concerns below. 

  • Learning: Thanks to the recent rise in online education platforms, there are tons of opportunities for employees to learn new skills – even while they’re at home. For instance, YouTube is partnering with creators to bring people and their families learning opportunities – this is especially great for parents who are looking for ways to complement their childrens’ learning. Employees can also find in-depth courses for nearly any topic online. For those who specifically want to learn coding skills, Code.org has free computer science resources available to the general public. But people with broader interests can turn to platforms like Udemy, which is offering several free courses across multiple disciplines.
  • Mental health: The uncertainty of COVID-19 is causing a rise in anxiety, stress, and grief among employees. To help your workforce better manage these complex emotions, you can connect them to meditation apps like Headspace – which is currently giving everyone access to free sessions. There’s also a diversity of virtual therapy options for employees who can’t go to in-person appointments at this time. Wysa, for instance, is making its A.I. chat for anxiety and isolation support available to the general public. Or, for people who prefer to directly interact with a therapist, Talkspace also has free support groups and programs led by licensed therapists
  • Job search support: Finally, employees whose jobs have been impacted by COVID-19 are likely feeling very lost right now. To support anyone who has been laid off or furloughed, we have a free wellness network to help people become job ready, receive access to exclusive benefits and discounts from leading Australian retailers, and gain access to our network of hiring partners. 

We’re so inspired by the number of companies that have stepped up to offer a helping hand. Our hope is that these resources can help both you and your employees get through these challenging times together. 

If you want to learn more about how Flare HR can support your business and employees during this time, please request a demo

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