Your Staff Are Ignoring Your Benefits. Here’s What You Need.

We know how difficult it is to attract and retain talent. You don’t want to have to make a tradeoff between a quality employee for your team to continue being productive in the office. The idea is to give your employees a unique and rewarding relationship that brings their best selves each day, and benefits are definitely the way to do that.

The hardest part about building a workplace benefits program is getting staff to engage with it.  I’ve seen many people try to implement a workplace benefits program at the point of contact and never see anything out of it as an ROI.  This is all a learning experience, and that’s fine, but if you want benefits to mean anything, you need to have people actually use it, get involved with it and make it a part of their lives.

Employee participation is extremely important to employee satisfaction and nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of benefits.  It is so important that you not only make sure that every single person you help gets their desired benefit but you also have staff to ask the questions in your program that will make sure the right people feel well provided it is a question that is answered consistently with a process of feedback.  

Nobody Is Going To Engage With Benefits They Ain’t Need

Many times folks just assume employees need something from the workplace and do not ask them for the right information so they can be sure that the benefit is right for them, which is not the case.

Workplaces are full of people who have ideas that they like and a passion for their field.  The problems aren’t about the ideas, they’re about the people who have the passion.

The best way to do this is to talk to everyone.  People who are interested in what you’re doing should talk to you a few times, and become a part of the planning process for their benefits.  There’s nothing worse than telling someone, “your feedback is important” and then never acting on it or working to get more of it.


Nobody Is Going To Engage With Benefits You Didn’t Put The Effort Into Building Them

Most public companies have three benefit programs.  The first is a perks program where you pay for your employees to access deals, products, offers and experiences. The second is a health insurance program where you cover the employee’s medical bills for that employee.  The third is a pension plan where you pay your employee retirement benefits at a certain yearly cost.

In between all of these, you have the opportunity to build benefits that are engaging, that are exciting, and that are dedicated to solving the problems and opportunities you’ve uncovered in your research and interviews. When you know what benefits people want and need, you have to do absolutely everything to give them those benefits.

In some cases you may have to work with an outside organisation or an outside benefits platform to make that happen. And you may have to look at the program as being something that is valuable on its own because you do care directly about your staff, not just because you’re looking to have a quick win. We’ve already spoken about how to design these kinds of programs, so having a read through that is going to help!

The Right Answer: Delivering Benefits Through Onboarding

An onboarding platform, which is designed to ease the process of getting an employee through the new starter process by eliminating some of the hurdles that would typically occur is actually a huge win for benefits – because you can put the benefits program in front of your staff on day one.

At first glance, an onboarding platform can be incredibly simple. There is only a short list of requirements that active and new o boarders must fill out from tax and superannuation to policies and documentation, and at that point you can get them to sign on to benefits and begin using them immediately.



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