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Current job offerings at Flare


Flare leads a new generation of Australian startups creating ripples within multiple industries. A fast-growing, B2B2C HR/FinTech startup, Flare has firmly established itself and embarked upon a solid growth trajectory.


Delivering intuitive HR, cloud-based software to businesses (B2B), whilst enabling best-in-class solutions to aid financial wellbeing (B2C), Flare provided customers with amazing benefits & rewards, financial education and real-time financial decision-making support.


It’s a win-win-win model for employers, employees and benefit providers.


People First

Our employees come first. We openly encourage each and every employee to hold us accountable. Regardless of your position we want you to feel welcome and valued. Every employee has the power and the responsibility to make decisions and shape the direction of the company.


Bat .400

Flare provides the opportunity to swing the bat in the right way, and embraces a culture that believes great things are only achieved if we promote an environment that understands and respects failure.


Trust the Process

Flare understands that it is not a straight linear line to success and super-normal growth. The path is more like a walk of discovery. To achieve greatness, we believe in trusting our colleagues and the process one undertakes to win.


Do the Right Thing

We empower our people to look beyond short term profit and do the right thing when faced with conflict. We believe that this yields long term success and sustainability.


Act like an Owner

Take responsibility for the company and the broader mission beyond your own personal outcome. The value is at the centre of high-performance culture and teamwork. It helps to shape decision making empowering individuals beyond a narrow role.