The Guide to Modern Employee Onboarding

Download this complete 50-page guide to develop a modern employee onboarding program that drives better retention. Free onboarding checklists and templates included inside — designed for Australian teams.

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What’s included in your guide

Onboarding Lifecycle

Get a complete overview of the onboarding lifecycle: from planning and preboarding, first days, to the first 30/60/90 days of a new employees onboarding journey

Build an onboarding plan

Learn how to build an onboarding plan and program. Includes the seven steps to building an effective onboarding plan


Preboarding is everything you do to get your new employees situated prior to the first day. Learn why the best-in-class companies are 54 percent more likely to preboard their employees.

First Day

Can you recall a first day at a new job? Every employee has a limited number of first at a new job in their lifetime. Learn how you can make your experience a memorable one.

First 30/60/90 days

Learn best practices on how you can set new employees up for success in their first 30, 60, and 90 days.

Checklists & templates

Get free onboarding checklists and email templates that you can use. These checklists are based on onboarding best practices in Australia.