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Atlantic Group


Atlantic Group is an innovative, premium catering business which specialises in events.



Company size

1100 employees

Meet the Atlantic Group team

Shaun McDonald
Former Head of HR, Atlantic Group

Shaun’s team was responsible for HR processes at Atlantic Group – a premier venue, catering, event management & hospitality powerhouse.


Prior to using Flare, Atlantic Group’s systems were based on a spreadsheet. Recruitment, onboarding and HR processes can be quite an exhausting experience in this space, and the business had a clear need for efficiency. As the business grew, it became clear that the HR team couldn’t be hiding behind a computer, HR needed to be interacting with people, and having a platform that could free up time and resources to make that a possibility was important.


Atlantic Group maintains 145 people as full time staff, and work with over 1100 casuals each year across their venues and events, with a focus on maintaining world class hospitality staff and services.

The company maintains lists of trained and onboarded staff who have the skills, the customer service and the culture fit necessary to deliver brilliant experiences to their guests, but changing circumstances, careers and priorities for casual staff does create a need to onboard 300-400 new staff every year.

A large number of those staff would onboard and join the organisation at the end of the year, throughout the November and December periods, leading to a rush period where onboarding efficiency became tantamount. Here’s why they chose Flare:

Data capture

The day to day business of Atlantic Group is the top priority, so when staff need to be brought on board, that data capture and information flow is key.

Increase in efficiency

In addition, because of the high volume of documentation that is needed, the ability to keep and display each piece in the onboarding process also increases efficiency and reduces paperwork.

Rewards and benefits

On top of the onboarding piece, the rewards and benefits platform was a great opportunity to keep going back to our team with added value. Seeing the staff actually take advantage of those benefits gave the HR team another chance to engage with the staff.

“What was most appealing about the Flare product for me was the capture of information and necessary data on day one.”


A chance to care for the people 

At Atlantic Group, the team believe that you have to be all about the people. With the new ways to engage staff, and the added time and resources to make that a priority, it’s become more possible than ever before to ensure that the people are the number one emphasis. There’s a huge depth of positive interactions that are unlocked through the implementation of the Flare platform, meaning that Atlantic Group’s people and culture continue to go from strength to strength.

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