Frequently asked questions

Last Updated: 1 July 2020

For Employers

What is Flare and why was Flare created?

Flare is an all-in-one HROnboardingFinancial Wellbeing and Payroll platform. It provides employers with easy-to-use tools to manage HR efficiently and strategically (from onboarding to contracts and compliance), and their employees with access to a range of benefits (from novated car leases to retail discounts) plus the support of a benefit concierge to help manage employee financial wellness.

Who provides Flare

Flare’s services are provided to both employers and employees by Flare HR Pty Ltd (ABN 46 607 120 892)(Flare HR). Any financial services are provided by Simple Financial Choices Pty Ltd (ABN 58 629 890 900), a subsidiary of Flare HR and a Corporate Authorised Representative No.001269407 of True Oak Investments Ltd (ABN 81 002 558 956; AFSL No. 238184. For more information on the financial services provided, please refer to the Simple Financial Choices Financial Services Guide.

What is the employer's role in relation to Flare?

The employer will provide employees with access to a Flare account and is responsible for keeping employees' HR records (e.g. policies and procedures, etc.) up to date in the platform. If the employer has chosen Flare to manage employee benefits, the employer will also be responsible for facilitating any financial wellbeing programmes in the workplace associated with Flare providing those benefits.

Does Flare HR receive any other payments?

The platform includes a benefits module where employees can access information about a range of employment benefits including superannuation, life insurance, novated leases and rewards.

Flare HR may receive payments for referring employers or employees to third party product or service providers in connection with the benefits module.

Currently, Flare HR has referral arrangements in place for novated leases. These payments are not an additional cost to employers or employees.

For Employees

How will my information be used by Flare HR?

We may use your personal information to enable you to use the platform and our services, to enable your employer to administer its human resources functions and to optimise the platform and users’ experience. We may also use your personal information to communicate with you, including providing you with information and marketing messages about our products and services, and those of our business partners, that may be of interest to you. We may also use your personal information to comply with our legal obligations and for other purposes set out in our Privacy Policy or Platform Terms of Use (both available at

Can I choose not to provide my information to Flare HR or to use Flare?

We think you will quickly see the advantages that the Flare platform has to offer, both in terms of time saved with automating your HR data and access to benefits.

You should consult with your employer to find out whether your employer requires you to use Flare. If you do use Flare, certain information is required (e.g. your contact details, tax file number etc.), which is made clear when you first register. While further information is not mandatory, we strongly believe the more information you provide us with, the better the range of products and services we can offer you. If you do not provide some or all of your information to Flare HR we may not be able to provide some or all of our services to you and you may not be able to access our platform or related services.

Will Flare HR disclose my information to any other person or entity?

We want to make sure we are providing you with access to the best range of products and services. In order to personalise the experience, we may at times disclose information about you to enable our related companies and other trusted business partners to offer you products and services that we believe may interest you, and to other companies who assist us to market our products and services.

We may also disclose information about you as required by law and in accordance with our Privacy Policy which is available here.

We will only use or disclose sensitive information about you for the purpose of direct marketing if you have consented to the use or disclosure of the information for that purpose.

If you do not want to receive marketing offers by email or in hard copy, please opt out by adjusting your account settings or using the opt-out facilities provided (e.g. an unsubscribe link), or contacting us at [email protected]

How does Flare HR ensure that my information is kept secure?

We take data security seriously and we take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorised access, modification or disclosure and we use a number of physical, administrative, personnel and technical measures to protect your personal information. All Flare platform data is hosted physically in Australia in Microsoft Azure. Access to the hosting platform and production database is tightly controlled, with limited access to security credentials. For more information about how we collect, use and disclose your personal information, see our Privacy Policy which is available at

What access will my employer have to the information held about me in Flare?

Your employer will only have access to information about you that is required to fulfil your employer’s HR function, for example, your contact details, tax file number, remuneration, leave entitlements, performance reviews etc. Any information that you provide with regards to applying for benefits (for example your health information or financial information) will not be shared with your employer without your consent.

Can I take my information from Flare with me if I leave my employer?

In most instances, if you leave your employer, you will continue to have access to certain information in your Flare account including your employment contract, information on your benefits, training records and performance management. For further details on the information that your employer has agreed to allow you to take, or to request additional information, please contact your employer directly.

How can I contact Flare HR if I have further questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at 1300 352 734 or at [email protected].