To help every working Australian live their best financial life.

Careers today are being reimagined. Technology is changing how your staff connect, their work and home lives are coming closer than ever and falling out of balance and their financial responsibilities are increasingly complicated.


1 in 2 workers are living paycheck to paycheck


23% have zero emergency savings

85% are living beyond their means

The retention and productivity impact is costing Billions

Financial Wellbeing Starts With Superannuation Wealth.

We offer Superannuation choice features so that your employees can set up their fund, send the information to your payroll software and provider, and prepare for their future.

Your Employees Can Now Control Their Pay.

With Flare, you’ve enabled your employees to take better control of their finances at the moment that you pay them. You’ve read the Barefoot investor. It recommends upwards of 5 bank accounts connected at the source. We’ve got that. Employees can change on the fly to maximise both short and long term savings. And it can connect to your existing payroll provider.


Everything Your Employees Need To Know About Their Money.

We are building a financial wellness content channel that focuses on assisting employees in improving the health of their money and financial life. We want to show your employees the content that will give them what they need to know, when they need to know it!



Events, experiences and products that help employees to forge connections that improve their lifestyle.