Streamline your hiring with the free Flare and LiveHire integration

With this free integration, LiveHire customers can improve candidate onboarding efficiency by automating and digitising forms using Flare. You can eliminate your manual onboarding paperwork and data entry. Start operating with compliant paperless onboarding and place candidates and employees even faster!

How the integration works

With LiveHire and Flare, you get a seamless recruitment and onboarding experience for your candidates and for your internal teams. Here’s how it works:


When an employee is hired through LiveHire, their details are automatically imported into Flare’s Onboarding product and the digital onboarding process can be kicked off with just the click of a button


When an employee is hired through LiveHire, an employee record is created in Flare’s HRIS product along with all their employee information, relevant dates, etc.


When an employee is hired through LiveHire, an employee is created in Flare’s Payroll product ready for other details (TFN, Super, etc) to be added via the digital onboarding process.

Benefits of the integration

Say goodbye to paperwork and manual admin for candidate onboarding. Instead, LiveHire customers can simplify candidate onboarding down to seconds by using Flare’s compliant paperless onboarding journey. With a click of a button, you can kick-start paperless onboarding within your LiveHire instance.

Reduced Admin Time

Reduce the time it takes to onboard new employees by not having to enter their details into multiple systems.

Better Accuracy

By automatically pulling the employee’s information in from LiveHire, you can ensure employee records are always accurate.

Drastic time savings in employee onboarding

Next Athleisure was not only able to launch JD Sports across Australia, but Jodie also managed to save NA $100,000 in onboarding and efficiency. This was achieved through Flare’s seamless digital employee onboarding reducing administrative costs for thousands of employees and summer casuals.

Free Integration Offer for LiveHire customers

A free onboarding and benefits solution for LiveHire customers. For a limited time in 2020, Flare is offering its onboarding and benefits solution free to LiveHire customers. What’s included:

  • Free Onboarding and Benefits
  • Free integration and setup into LiveHire
  • Free implementation and training

For more information, fill out the form below or email Joshua Loy, our dedicated Account Manager for LiveHire customers.

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