Integrate Flare with TimeTarget

Integrate Flare's Onboarding, HRIS & Payroll with TimeTarget's rostering & timesheets to automate the management of your workforce.

How it Works

New hire
When a new employee is onboarded through Flare, they can be automatically added to TimeTarget for rostering & time tracking.
Timesheets can be easily exported from TimeTarget and imported into Flare for instant, accurate payroll.
Employee Exit
When an employee is terminated in Flare HR, they are removed fromTimeTarget and can no longer access your organisation’s TimeTarget account.

Benefits of the integration

Streamlined Employee Onboarding
New employees are automatically added toTimeTarget, giving them instant access to the tools they need to do their job.
Automated payroll operations
Accurate timesheets and award interpretations can be easily exported from TimeTarget and imported into Flare HR for accurate payroll without the hassle.
Secure employee offboarding
Offboarded employees are automatically removed from TimeTarget so they cannot access the system to alter timesheets or contact other staff members.
Fai Allam HR Manager - Sephora
“It used to take two people two weeks just to onboard one employee, now it takes 60 seconds! The entire process has been cut down massively with Flare.”

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