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About KJR

KJR’s vision is to create a world where organisations have the confidence to embrace digital change and deliver exceptional experiences. They help organisations improve their digital capability. With a long-standing reputation in the QA space, their consultants and collective knowledge extend further than software testing. They're in the business of ensuring clients avoid digital disasters, so #epicfail never gets attached to their brand.

Key Improvements

  • New employee onboarding admin time cut by half through digital and automated onboarding through Flare.
  • Employees can select their Superannuation fund in an easy, informative and paperless way.

The Situation Before Flare

Key Challenges:

  • No HR system
  • HR processes tiresome and manual
  • Superannuation had not been tendered in a long time

Rebekah Di Blasi joined KJR as Head of Talent & Culture in April 2016 and realised that HR was still full of manual, paper-heavy processes with lots of duplication and no automation. It was a high priority from day one for Rebekah to find a more efficient approach to KJR’s HR processes. Naturally, with a company full of experts in quality assurance, any HR solution would have to meet a high standard to be adopted by the team.

Onboarding Employees

Onboarding new employees was a lengthy process. Several emails would be sent back and forth, with contracts and policies as attachments to be printed out, signed, scanned and sent back. It was noticeably time consuming and tedious and there was never any guarantee that the receiver even had printers or scanners which could extend the process. On top of that, Tax File Declarations required a hard copy so had to be sent out in the post or completed on the employee’s first day.

Employee Benefits - Superannuation

Along with the lengthy admin processes, Rebekah realised that KJR’s superannuation fund had not been tendered in many years and that, in fact, some KJR employees were paying more into their life insurance or paying fees that were no longer appropriate. It may have been appropriate when the default fund was originally chosen, but Rebekah felt it was time to re-evaluate. Additionally, whenever an employee felt they wanted to change their Superannuation fund, it was another form, another email, another manual admin process.

“The biggest challenge was getting our employees onboard with the idea. They are software testers that work with quality, so it’s a testament to Flare that they have a quality product. The whole platform is super intuitive.”

Rebekah Di Blasi, Head of Talent & Culture - KJR

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The Solution

Why Flare?

For Rebekah and KJR there was a simple answer to this. Rebekah had been shopping around for a new and user-friendly HR system that would allow her to not only decrease the amount of time spent on admin, but also digitise the whole process, increasing efficiency. At the same time, she had been trying to figure out a way to offer her employees a better benefits package. So, when she came across Flare HR it was a two in one solution. With Flare, Rebekah has been able to kill two birds with one stone and avoid two separate systems altogether, at a very low cost.

Benefits Platform

Flare’s Benefits platform now allows KJR employees to rethink their superannuation funds with their eyes wide open, as well as helping them to understand how much of their super goes into their Life insurance, but also gives them the chance to make alterations. Furthermore, as Flare now stores all this information, the process has become entirely paperless and any admin or guidance has been taken out of Rebekah’s hands, as Flare and our in-house Benefits Concierges take care of this now.


Through the Flare platform, KJR is now not only able to store employee’s information on the cloud, it has cut Rebekah’s admin time in half. If the amount of time Rebekah spent on getting all the documents together to onboard a single employee was 30 minutes, it has now been cut down to 15 minutes. As previously mentioned, admin time has not only significantly decreased in onboarding employees, but it has also halved the admin time when an employee makes amendments to their super fund.

Self Service

The platform allows employees to take ownership of their own details now, meaning that if someone’s emergency contact or phone number were to change, they no longer have to contact HR to make those changes in their files. Employees can go into the platform themselves and amend any information necessary whenever they need to. This means that employees now have more ownership over their personal details.

Key improvements

  • Efficiency and significant reduction of HR admin time and work
  • Paperless digital onboarding which cut the onboarding time by half
  • Information and Salary Package self service which removes admin time and work for HR

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