Digitally onboard hundreds of health professionals in minutes with Flare

Onboard health professionals quickly, manage high onboarding volumes, launch Flare in days

Trusted by hundreds of forward-thinking workplaces in Australia:

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Challenges in healthcare today

  • Increased demand for work power when current employees get sick
  • Decentralised workforces - shift to remote recruitment, work from home teams, limited access to printers and office
  • High urgency to keep up with recruitment and onboarding paperwork and processes

Efficiency for Healthcare Industry

  • Speed. Onboard hundreds of health professionals in minutes and eliminate manual HR paperwork
  • Support for remote work. Support teams working remotely to enable remote recruitment and teams
  • Time-efficient. Be up and running with Flare within five to ten business days, at no cost

Challenges in onboarding today

  • Slow, manual paper-based onboarding, prone to error and compliance risk
  • Inability to track progress of your employee's onboarding
  • Candidate paperwork illegibility and inaccurate bank, tax and super details leading to payroll challenges
  • Poor document management of new hire forms

Flare onboarding, full setup in days

  • Efficient and Compliant. Onboard new hires in minutes, with compliant, paperless onboarding
  • Well managed. Get visibility into the onboarding progress of new hires, and automate reminders to complete
  • Accurate. Flare’s integration with the Australian Tax Office means you will receive bank and super details accurately, so you can pay new hires without stress
  • Fair Work record-keeping. Store employee documents (contracts, licenses, visas etc) in one centralised place
Bonnie Ritchie, Laura Brady, Innika Brumpton and Sarah Breydon, at Priceline Grand Central.
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"Flare HR took our onboarding time down from two weeks to 24 hours. Some of them are down to five minutes!”

Lyn Guy

HR Manager, Douglas Chemist Group

Return to Work Offer

Level up your HR operations and
work from wherever you are

The Return to Work Offer gives you Flare for free — completely free.

To build a resilient organisation, you first need to build resilient HR operations and engagement strategies. Thousands of brands like H&M, Accor Hotels and Hudson rely on Flare to:

  • Operate remotely and level up their HR operations
  • Manage compliance, onboarding and HR communications
  • Get their entire access to free benefits and wellness offers

Get started with a live demo to see if Flare is a fit for your organisation.


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