The right way to onboard and manage your hospitality employees

Reduce HR admin work and focus on strategic initiatives by automating your manual onboarding & HR processes with Flare
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Collect employee information in one place

New hires can enter information, sign contracts, upload certifications and more through a simple online interface.
Collect employee details
Collect employee details, like names, address, emergency contact information, and more.
Get contracts signed
Allow new hires to view their employment contract and digitally sign it.
Upload visas & certifications
Capture visa & certification documents by allowing new hires to upload them.
Collect tax information
Collect tax information, such as tax file numbers and withholding requirements.
Collect Super Choices
Secure the correct details of the employees preferred superannuation fund without any paper forms.
Gather bank details
Gather employee bank details and reduce the chance of payment errors later on.

Automatically send data where it needs to go

Capture the right information directly into the systems where it needs to go to, and share it with your employees.
Send employee details, contracts, signed policies, visas and certifications into your HRIS system.
Send employee details, salary information, bank account details, tax and superannuation information and more directly to your payroll system.
Automatically file the TFN Declaration form with the Australia Tax Office.
Submit the signed employment contracts and policy documents to the employee.

Give new hires a great first experience

Increase employee engagement by giving your people a great first experience with your company.
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Show a message from the CEO

Add videos and other content (from the CEO for example) to the onboarding flow to welcome new hires to the company.

Introduce their new team

Add bios and information on their team members to the onboarding flow to get new hires familiar with their team mates.

Make every first day personal

Ask tailored questions like favourite coffee during the onboarding flow, and then have that exact coffee waiting for your new hires when they arrive.

Manage employees without friction

Reduce admin time by empowering employees and their managers to manage leave, update personal or financial details and more all through an easy to use system.

Instantly access up to date employee information

Add videos and other content (from the CEO for example) to the onboarding flow to welcome new hires to the company.

Empower employees to manage themselves

Reduce HR admin by allowing employees to download payslips, update their details, view and request leave, update tax withholdings and more through a simple interface.

Handle compliance

Reduce risk and ensure compliance with simple tools to manage & update policies, get notified when qualifications are expiring and more.

Offer employee rewards at no cost

Keep employees engaged and happy by offering rewards like discount movie tickets and special travel offers, at no cost to your business.
Offer exclusive discounts
Offer employees exclusive discounts at various food and entertainment venues across Australia, as well as special offers on travel, spas and more.
Improve financial wellbeing

Provide free tools, webinars, articles and information to help employees save their money, find the best insurance, access novated car leasing, optimise their superannuation and more.

Integrate with the other tools you use

Reduce unnecessary manual data entry by integrating Flare with the various other tools you use to hire, manage & train employees.

Applicant Tracking

Send details about new hires from your ATS into Flare to automatically generate employment documentation and start the digital onboarding process

Time & Attendance

Send details about new hires to your time & attendance system so they’re ready to go with the systems they need before they even start.


Send details about new hires to your LMS, giving them instant access to the training they need to do their job right.

Benefits for Retailers


Reduced Admin

Reducing the amount of administrative HR support tasks allows you to focus more on strategic opportunities

Increased productivity

Digital onboarding and employee self service tools mean your employees spend less time on manual HR tasks and more time on their work

Better engagement

Modern tools and generous benefits keep your employees engaged and helps retain them for longer
“We’d be at a point where we had to almost start chasing employees to make sure we’d got all their documents whereas now, with the click of a button, they’re sent everything and they’re expected to do it.”

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