10 Free tools for remote working teams

September 16, 2020

With COVID-19 keeping everyone away from the office, the need for tools that accommodate remote teams continues to grow. Unfortunately, many companies are also having to keep their budgets small and can’t afford to invest in pricey software to meet their needs. Thankfully, there are several free tools out there that HR teams can use…

How to run a financial literacy workshop for employees

August 27, 2020

We constantly hear about the importance of financial wellbeing. But how can we actually help our employees achieve this state? The answer lies in building up their financial literacy. While there are many ways to accomplish this, we believe that workshops are one of the most powerful approaches to financial education. In this post, we’ll…

What is a novated lease and how does it work? Here’s everything you need to know

August 19, 2020

We’re always trying to think of the best benefits to offer our employees. Ones that will either relieve or solve a pain point they’re facing and generally make their lives easier. A benefit that you may not have considered yet, but checks both of these boxes, is a novated lease. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept,…

A guide on how to onboard new employees remotely

August 11, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to keep employees remote, companies have to start thinking about how to adapt their HR processes accordingly. One of the most important experiences to consider is employee onboarding. The type of onboarding program you have in place has a significant impact on factors like new hire retention and productivity. In fact, a…

What to do when you can’t give your employees a pay rise

July 28, 2020

With Australia now experiencing a new wave of COVID-19 outbreaks, companies continue to feel the pressure of the pandemic. Unfortunately, this also means that employees may have to keep waiting for their promotions and pay rises due to constrained resources. This, of course, is likely to lead to lower employee morale. But there are ways…

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financial literacy for employees

Why providing financial literacy for employees is important

July 13, 2020

Everyone is familiar with the concept of literacy, which refers to one’s ability to read and write. It’s a skill that clearly has a huge impact on everyday life. But what people might be less familiar with is the idea of financial literacy, which is having the knowledge to make informed decisions about one’s financial…

employee benefits

10 Appealing employee benefits companies should consider

July 6, 2020

Employers understand that they play a huge role when it comes to helping their employees succeed both in and out of the workplace. But you may be wondering: how do we support every individual’s needs when we have a rapidly growing organisation? The answer lies in employee benefits. Employee benefits are additional forms of compensation…

Lauren Dick from Relier Group on how to train employees and build high performance teams

July 1, 2020

We interviewed Lauren Dick, the founder and director of Relier Group. Lauren has over 10 years of experience working for Australian owned retail brands such as Kookai, Aje and Tigerlily. In her experience working as a national training and development manager for Tigerlily and a National Retail Manager at Aje, she was responsible for coaching…

financial wellbeing australian money

5 Ways to help your employees improve their financial wellbeing

June 29, 2020

Every company has employee wellness on the mind. As a result, employers are increasingly investing resources into making sure their workers are physically, mentally, and emotionally taken care of so they can produce their best work. But there’s another type of wellness that has historically been overlooked but is becoming a bigger part of the…

minimum wage increase australia

The minimum wage has been increased by 1.75% – here’s what you need to know

June 24, 2020

In the Annual Wage Review on Friday June 19, the Fair Work Commission made a decision to increase the minimum wage by $13 per week for all awards. While this decision was lower than the recommendations from the union, who wanted a 4% increase, this change will impact millions of Australians on minimum wage. The…

employee satisfaction survey

15 Best questions to ask in an employee satisfaction survey

June 23, 2020

Every company wants their employees to be happy at their jobs. But the challenge is that many employers aren’t even aware that their workers are unhappy until it’s too late. This is how most organisations end up losing their top talent to competitors. To prevent this from happening, you may want to consider introducing an…

How to build an effective human resource planning checklist

June 18, 2020

Human resource planning needs careful attention. When it’s done well, HR planning is a valuable process which can ensure that current employees are able to attend to important tasks and become integrated within your company culture. Properly managed human resource planning checklist goes beyond the now and forecasts future labour demands within an organisation. It’s…

Nadine Blackie from Flare on how to build high performance teams and great company cultures

June 18, 2020

To kick off the HR and leadership series, we will be interviewing Nadine Blackie. Nadine is the Head of Talent Acquisition at Flare HR. She has over 10 years of experience in talent acquisition for high growth startups in the tech sector. She has built high-performance teams for venture-backed startups that have experienced rapid transformation…

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