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Guide: EVP Cheat Codes


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How you can compete with large companies in attracting top talent

As the employment landscape becomes more competitive, and the fight to attract and retain workers is subject to a range of post-pandemic economic pressures, companies need to consider what matters most to their potential hires. Companies with a strong employee value proposition (EVP) seek to identify and align with their employees’ needs and values across workplace benefits including flexible working, career development opportunities, competitive salaries, and expanded benefits packages.

This 14-page guide lets you:

the employee
of the future

The future is here, and social & technological trends have already shaped employees in ways businesses could not predict even five years ago.

Identify the importance of a meaningful EVP

Overall, a robust EVP that clearly communicates your unique offering, builds a positive employer brand, and improves engagement and productivity for existing employees.

Master job ads and syndicated content

Structure, placement, and guidelines that create impactful job ads and how content syndication can offer brand cut-through with your EVP.

Boost employees' pay with benefits

Offering novated leasing and other in-kind benefits can help boost employees’ pay whilst potentially saving you money on payroll taxes.