Digitally onboard new hires with 85% greater efficiency

Our onboarding software eliminates manual HR admin and paperwork, so you can achieve 85% greater onboarding efficiency.

  • Eliminate manual compliance processes
  • Streamline onboarding operations 
  • Improve employee experience

Thousands of Aussies have onboarded from their mobiles on the go, using Flare

What is Flare Onboarding? 

Flare Onboarding gives you a compliant paperless onboarding experience that simplifies your process down to minutes. No more paperwork and manual HR admin

Easily manage payroll and HR compliance

Improve efficiency, minimise risk and errors, and eliminate manual paperwork across the onboarding journey. You can seamlessly and digitally manage regulatory compliance across payroll and HR, and  the ATO and banking systems, when you onboard new hires. 

Streamline your onboarding operations

Streamline and integrate Flare Onboarding into your existing technology ecosystem — whether it’s applicant tracking, payroll or HR software. See partner integrations.

Build a branded onboarding experience

Personalise and brand the onboarding experience, so that new hires can experience your brand and team values, and get excited about your company.

How it works

1. Setup templates for your employment documents

Once you setup templates for all your employment documents, the templates will auto-populate with employee details –ready for the employee to sign.

2. Launch the onboarding journey for every new hire

Launch the digital onboarding journey to your new hires, and let them complete the full onboarding journey. 

3. Receive completed onboarding documents, stored in one place

Collect your new hires’ details (name, address, emergency contacts), visas, licenses and certifications and policies (workplace safety, anti-discrimination, etc)

Collect everything you need from a new hire with ease

Employment contracts

Automatically generate employment contracts for new hires to sign, complete with role details, salary information & more.

Digital signatures

Allow new hires to view their employment contract and digitally sign it.

Visas, licenses and certifications

Collect your new hires’ details (name, address, emergency contacts), visas, licenses and certifications and policies (workplace safety, anti-discrimination, etc)

Personal details and interests

Easily collect employee details such as name, address, emergency contact information, favourite coffee and t-shirt size.

Bank, tax and super information

Digitally collect bank, tax and superannuation information, such as TFNs and withholding requirements, which is verified with the ATO in real-time

Policy documents

Automatically generate company policy documents, like workplace safety and anti-discrimination policies, ready for the new employee to read and sign.

Automatically send data where it needs to go

Automatically send the information captured about the employee to the systems it needs to go to, as well as back to the employee themselves.


Automatically send employee details, contracts, signed policies, visas, certifications into your HRIS system.

Payroll or ATS

Automatically send employee details, salary information, bank account details, tax & super information and more into your payroll system.


Automatically file the TFN Declaration form with the Australian Tax Office.


Automatically send the signed employment contracts and policy documents to the employee.

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