Social Media Community Guidelines

Flare HR

Page last updated 1 Jan 2020

Welcome to our community!

Conversations with our community help us learn, grow and move forward together. As much as we love thriving conversations, we value respect for all community members.

Here are some ground rules to keep in mind:

Be respectful

We value the viewpoints of all community members, and we hope you will too; as they will, likewise, value yours. However, be respectful of their views. If you have a counter point, engage with the topic. We ask that you avoid personal attacks or any commentary that may be construed as offensive, harmful, defamatory or abusive.

Stay relevant

When making a comment, stay relevant to the topic. Any irrelevant comments may be removed.

No spam or self-promotion

We love hearing your thoughts and opinions, but be advised that any posts or comments that are unauthorised and/or promotional will be removed.

Keep it real

We value authenticity and openness in communications, and we hope you do too. This is why we encourage you to comment in a way that is true to your views and experiences in a respectful manner.


Please ensure that you do not post any personally identifiable information. This could include, but is not limited to, your contact details, residential address, email, or banking details. Likewise, we encourage you not to post any information that could compromise the privacy of other individuals.


  • Flare HR reserves the right to remove any post or comment that does not conform with our Community Guidelines.
  • Flare HR reserves the right to remove any comments, or ban any users, if their posts are found to violate our Community Guidelines.

Any user found contravening our Community Guidelines will be subject to appropriate actions as outlined within these Guidelines.