It's Time To Upgrade Your Employee Value Proposition.

Flare’s integrated suite of products automates your manual onboarding & HR processes, freeing you up to focus more on people and less on paper. Our financial benefits and perks products create the next evolution of employee engagement.

Your Staff Are Working Longer And Later, And Dealing With Changing Careers And Industries. Their Financial Stress Is Throwing Their Lives Off Balance, And The Stress Levels Are Compounding.

They're Looking For Help. And They'll Go Where They Find It.

Organisations need to be able to attract and retain the right people at the right time and the right price. To do that, they need to answer the new challenges of employment today.

We Are Building The Next True Employee Value Proposition Based On This

We’re making employee interactions seamless. We’re giving your staff more control over their pay. We’re offering life changing perks, essential benefits, and salary focused financial products that will allow you to attract, retain and engage with your staff - the way they want.


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