Offer a smooth, digital, easy salary packaging experience

Flare’s fully digital process streamlines the car salary packaging experience, making it faster, easier, and more convenient for both you and your employees.

Novated leases benefit your employees and your business too

Strengthen your Employer
Value Proposition

More than 7 out of 10 employees* are interested in accessing salary packaging, yet with few having access, novated leasing could be a powerful tool to drive financial wellbeing and enhance your EVP.

Boost your employees’
salaries, at no cost

With the cost of living increasing and cars being one of Australia’s biggest household expenditures, car salary packaging gives you a meaningful and impactful way to support employees’ financial wellbeing.

A strong retention

Novated leases are a compelling incentive for employees to stay with your business. Over the past 12 months, only 4.4% of Flare leaseholders left their job since signing.

Minimise your payroll tax

If your business qualifies to pay payroll tax, you may be able to minimise your payroll tax by reducing your employees’ taxable income through a novated lease arrangement.

Keep your staff engaged

A paperless, digital process

Flare’s innovative end-to-end process is better for you, your employees and the environment. It eliminates paperwork, saves time and reduces the effort to apply and set up a novated lease from 4 hours to within 10 minutes.

Offer even more

Through the free Flare benefits platform, you can give your employees access to car salary packaging alongside everyday savings with hundreds of retailers and much more, at no cost.

Experts in electric vehicles

Our car experts have an extensive understanding of all cars, including electric vehicles. We can help you to offer the significant savings available for EV vehicles to your employees, and build on your sustainability program.

Car salary packaging with Flare is hassle-free

Support to embed your program

We help drive the adoption of salary packaging within your business through an educational and digitally led employee experience with our Flare app.

No hidden costs

There is no cost to your business, and we don’t bolt on unnecessary products that increase an employee’s lease cost. We are fully transparent about all the fees and costs concerning their novated lease upfront.

Competitive finance

We want as many of your employees as possible to benefit from car salary packaging, so we offer diverse funding lines that help provide competitive finance solutions to cater to your whole workforce.

Fits in with your payroll

You don’t need to adjust your payroll cycles. We offer the flexibility to tailor salary deductions and invoicing to adapt to your business needs. It’s easy to ‘set and forget’ ongoing salary deductions.

Dedicated account team

Your dedicated Flare contact manages all aspects of your account and deals with the employee’s lease directly to ensure a hassle-free experience for both you and your employees.

Management of Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

Flare uses the Employee Contribution Method (ECM) for FBT, closely managing this directly with employees to reduce exposure to FBT liability on your business.

Download our comprehensive salary packaging guide

Find out the benefits and steps involved to get your business set up in minutes.

Frequently asked questions

What will a novated lease cost my business?

Offering novated leases to your employees won’t cost your business anything. There are no ongoing or management fees. The employees are responsible for the lease amount.

Is a novated lease complicated to set up and manage for my business?

It’s not complicated to set up or manage your novated lease program with Flare. With our fully digital solution, we can help get you set up within minutes not hours.

If you’ve never had or offered a novated lease before, we can help you understand it and launch it to your staff.

We manage all day-to-day dealings with your staff about their novated lease, so there is no administrative burden on you.

Do I have to deal with employee queries about their novated lease?

Flare will manage the novated lease directly with the employee. They are available to provide support.

How much can my employees save?
On average people with a Flare novated lease save $20,000 on their vehicle purchase price, running costs, and tax over the course of ownership.
What is included in a novated lease?

Your employees benefit from before-tax savings on all the running costs of their vehicle, so they have nothing left to worry about. This includes fuel, service and maintenance, rego and CTP (NSW), and insurance.

Is there any risk to my business?

The agreement for the novated lease with the financier is signed by the employee. This specifies non-liability for the employer. Should the employee leave, they retain the liability and take the lease with them.

How will Flare manage FBT for our business?

Flare uses the Employee Contribution Method (ECM) for FBT, closely managing this directly with employees to ensure that there is no FBT liability on your business.

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Terms and Conditions

*Displayed price only available through a Flare Cars Novated Lease. Weekly costs are estimates only based on the following assumptions: 1) Gross Annual Salary of 85,000, 2) 60-month lease term, 3)a residual value of 28.13% of the vehicle purchase price payable at the end of term, 4) Weekly salary payments, 5) lease quotes include like for like running costs for Fuel, Maintenance, Tyres, Registration & CTP and an estimated cost for comprehensive insurance @ 2.5% of the vehicle, 6) Vehicle purchased in NSW, 7) 15,000km per annum, 7 ) prices quoted are based on real Flare Car customer orders placed through Macquarie Vehicle Select in the previous 90 days. 8 ) Salary Sacrifice using Employee Contribution Method (ECM). 9) The novated lease offer is based on the assumption outlined above. It is an indicative cost approximation of the selected vehicle and model shown, and the amounts may change at the time the novated lease quotation is completed and finalised. Vehicle discounts & availability is subject to manufacturer production delivery timelines and current stock levels.

^The savings shown are indicative and reflect a total of income tax savings, GST savings on vehicle running costs and GST savings on the purchase price of the vehicle over the full lease term. We assume your employer is able to claim 100% GST Input Tax Credits, due to their Input Tax status. The total amount saved compares a novated lease based on the assumption outlined above and the purchase of a vehicle and payment of running and maintenance costs using post-tax earnings. Actual savings will depend on your personal circumstances.

The maximum age of the vehicle is 15 years old from the build date at the end of the lease. A motor vehicle qualifies (except a motorcycle or similar vehicle) is designed to carry a load less than one tonne (<1,000Kgs) and fewer than nine passengers for FBT purposes. Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access and seek correction of your personal information, how you may complain about a breach of your privacy, and how we will deal with that complaint.
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