National employee benefits index

In April 2023, Flare conducted its National Employee Benefits Index – a representative study of the attitudes on benefits and remuneration across 1,500 working Australians. Delve into your industry’s data to uncover how your workforce truly perceives benefits, pay, and the incentives that foster employee loyalty.

Dive into the manufacturing industry data below to help you build a healthy talent attraction and retention pipeline.

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Employee wellbeing: a snapshot

I feel valued at work by my supervisor/boss.

I get excited about going to work.

I am satisfied with my overall compensation.

I think about leaving my current employer.

  • Agree
  • Neither disagree nor agree
  • Disagree

42% of manufacturing workers feel valued by their supervisors

Workers in manufacturing report positively on their wellbeing, with 75% feeling valued by their higher-ups; a 6% increase on the national average. Supporting this further, over half (52%) get excited about going to work, a 5% increase compared to the national average of 47%.

The benefits breakdown

National benefits offering vs uptake

  • Offered
  • Used
Offered: 66% Used: 52%
Offered: 59% Used: 19%
Offered: 59% Used: 17%
Offered: 57% Used: 34%
Offered: 41% Used: 6%
Offered: 41% Used: 19%
Offered: 34% Used: 22%
Offered: 34% Used: 9%
Offered: 31% Used: 9%
Offered: 27% Used: 6%
Offered: 21% Used: 3%
Offered: 20% Used: 3%
Offered: 19% Used: 9%
Offered: 18% Used: 12%
Offered: 17% Used: 4%
Offered: 15% Used: 5%
Offered: 13% Used: 4%
Offered: 13% Used: 6%
Offered: 11% Used: 2%
Offered: 10% Used: 2%
Offered: 10% Used: 2%
Offered: 9% Used: 1%
Offered: 9% Used: 3%
Offered: 9% Used: 1%
Offered: 8% Used: 1%
Offered: 7% Used: 1%
0 20 40 60 80 100
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The benefits that matter to the nation

When we look at the national supply and uptake of employee benefits we see a few things. Free food is always a win, and this data certainly agrees. Free coffee and snacks are the most utilised benefit at an adoption rate of 52%, with virtual working and flexible schedules following quickly behind at 23% and 21% respectively.

Of the benefits your employer offers, which have you used in the last 12 months?

Used:59% National Average: 52%
Used:23% National Average: 22%
Used:21% National Average: 34%
Used:18% National Average: 19%
Used:16% National Average: 19%
Used:13% National Average: 12%
Used:11% National Average: 6%
Used:11% National Average: 9%
Used:9% National Average: 9%
Used:9% National Average: 4%
Used:9% National Average: 5%
Used:9% National Average: 17%
Used:7% National Average: 9%
Used:7% National Average: 3%
Used:5% National Average: 4%
Used:5% National Average: 3%
Used:5% National Average: 6%
Used:5% National Average: 2%
Used:4% National Average: 6%
Used:4% National Average: 1%
Used:4% National Average: 1%
Used:2% National Average: 2%
Used:2% National Average: 1%
Used:2% National Average: 2%
Used:0% National Average: 3%
Used:0% National Average: 1%
0 20 40 60 80 100
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Zero workers use support groups or group volunteer programs

The three most used employee benefits for manufacturing workers are free snacks with an adoption rate of 59% (7% higher than the national average), virtual working (23%) and flexible scheduling (21%). The employee benefits least utilised are health and wellness support groups and group volunteer programs.

Which would make you most loyal to your employer if offered by your company?

Used: 38% National Average: 47%
Used: 31% National Average: 31%
Used: 31% National Average: 27%
Used: 31% National Average: 16%
Used: 27% National Average: 27%
Used: 23% National Average: 13%
Used: 19% National Average: 29%
Used: 19% National Average: 24%
Used: 19% National Average: 14%
Used: 19% National Average: 14%
Used: 15% National Average: 34%
Used: 12% National Average: 15%
Used: 12% National Average: 17%
Used: 12% National Average: 16%
Used: 8% National Average: 9%
Used: 4% National Average: 7%
Used: 4% National Average: 4%
Used: 0% National Average: 2%
Used: 0% National Average: 4%
0 20 40 60 80 100
National Average
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of workers feel that a benefit offering car buying assistance would strengthen their loyalty to the company.

This is a 15% increase on the national average of 16%, reflecting an opportunity for employers. The benefit driving the most loyalty was flexible scheduling at 38%, although the national average is 9% higher.

It's time to go green

  • Not at all
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat
  • A great amount

46% of workers report that their company's sustainability initiatives impact their job satisfaction

Folks working in manufacturing care about the environment, with 68% agreeing that a company's sustainability efforts impact their commitment to the company, and over half (55%) claiming that it impacts their job satisfaction. However, only 6% indicate that it would influence their likelihood to leave the organisation.

The national employee benefits index

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