Building a scalable HR and recruitment process

How Quayclean is raising HR operations standards in Commercial Cleaning & Facilities Management




Quayclean is a leading service provider to stadiums and major venues, alongside of education & aquatic facilities across Australia. They employ over 2000 people to provide presentation services to stadiums and various venues across Australia.


Facilities services

Company size

2000 employees

Meet the Quayclean team

Lexie Clark

Human Resources and Administration Coordinator, Quayclean

The HR team is responsible for 2000 people to provide presentation services to stadiums and various venues across Australia.

“We have completely changed the way we onboard staff with Flare. As an events company that is constantly recruiting, we now have a user-friendly, streamlined process for onboarding.”


Quayclean was looking for a better way to make their HR and recruitment process as simple as possible, and ensure that their internal record-keeping and reporting system was built to scale as their company grew.


After evaluating several options, they came across Flare, a free HR software offering paperless onboarding and exclusive benefits to employees. Flare ticked all the boxes. Here’s why they chose Flare:

Onboarding efficiency

The onboarding process became quicker and easier with Flare. Quayclean can now recruit 250 staff in one onboarding session, which has saved the team countless hours so they can spend more time on more important tasks.

Greater onboarding visibility

With Flare, all managers Australia-wide have access to onboarding from start to finish. They can access staff documents and reporting from one central location, that can be accessed at any time.

Great user-experience for admin and employees

The onboarding process is simple and easily customisable to different onboarding requirements.

Better employee engagement

Quayclean engages their staff more effectively with Flare’s benefits platform. They’ve introduced a new awards system called the “Superstar Award”. They purchase a Flare Voucher from the store and staff can choose exactly how they would like to spend their voucher.


Both Human Resources and Payroll have been impacted by Flare in a positive way. HR now has more time to focus on other aspects of the business with onboarding time being cut down dramatically. Payroll can now run accurate reports and gather staff information in one location.

Administration can now spend their time on other important projects

Kim Phillips

Education Portfolio Manager, Quayclean

“Onboarding a staff member has never been easier. I enjoy the fact that we can see staff progress in their onboarding journey without having to constantly check in with the administration team.”

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“Flare made a huge difference for us, eliminating the need for back and forth and chasing up paperwork during onboarding.” – Jodie Hearne, HR Manager at Glue and JD Sports
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