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Boost candidate packages by 5-7%

(With zero fees for your business!)

In today’s competitive job market, finding skilled people is challenging, and keeping them is even harder. Flare helps you offer rewards that actually matter to your team, in a way that truly makes a difference to their work and life.

Benefits for your industry

Dive into the compelling industry-specific data unlocked by our 2023 National Employee Benefits Index. From construction to admin and retail, discover the secrets to a benefits program that actually appeal to your organisation.

Recruit smarter, not harder

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Nail that first impression

Flare integration partners offer digital onboarding to make hiring fast, easy, and compliant. Our solutions make it easy to engage new hires, communicate benefits and build a thriving team culture.

Benefits that give you a hiring edge

By offering smart pre-and post-tax benefits, you can increase pay packages and optimise your appeal in a crowded job market. You might not be able to provide massage rooms and masters programs, but you can still stand out.

Benefits in your pocket

With Flare’s mobile solution, your employees can access their benefits whenever, wherever. Your benefits package can be customised to suit the needs of your organisation. From health and wellness goodies to car leasing and retail discounts, we help you craft benefits programs that appeal to your people.

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