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Boost employees’ take home pay by $12k yearly

(With zero fees for your business!)

Struggling to boost wages in line with the rising cost of living? Flare offers flexible benefit programs that can increase pre- and post-tax salaries for ALL employees.

Benefits for your industry

Dive into the compelling industry-specific data unlocked by our 2023 National Employee Benefits Index. We looked into the financial obligations that are making Australian workers stressed, such as housing, transportation and food costs.

Secure futures, happy employees

Flare’s everyday savings advantage

Imagine if every paycheck could stretch that much further. With Flare, your team can unlock substantial discounts on daily essentials like food, fuel, transport, and a range of retail goodies. It’s not just about meeting basic needs, it’s about enriching every aspect of life.

Dive deeper into financial perks

Employees can now tap into remarkable savings on bigger items like car leases, gas bills, mobile phones, health insurance, and so much more. We’re talking lifestyle benefits that can have a meaningful impact on the bottom line of Aussie families.

A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips

With Flare, your team can access in-app resources and tips to manage their money better, empowering them to make informed decisions about their pre-and post-tax spending. Access our yearly calendar full of diverse opportunities to engage your employees with.

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