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National employee benefits index

In April 2023, Flare conducted its National Employee Benefits Index – a representative study of the attitudes on benefits and remuneration across 1,500 working Australians. Delve into your industry’s data to uncover how your workforce truly perceives benefits, pay, and the incentives that foster employee loyalty.

Dive into the manufacturing industry data below to help you build a healthy talent attraction and retention pipeline.

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Employee wellbeing: a snapshot

I feel valued at work by my supervisor/boss.

I get excited about going to work.

I am satisfied with my overall compensation.

I think about leaving my current employer.

  • Agree
  • Neither disagree nor agree
  • Disagree

15% less satisfied than they were six months ago, manufacturing workers express decreased contentment with their compensation.

This is line with the rising cost of living. Manufacturing workers are also 9% less excited for daily work, and they also feel 11% less valued by their superiors.

The benefits breakdown

National benefits offering vs uptake

  • Offered
  • Used
Offered: 64% Used: 49%
Offered: 56% Used: 32%
Offered: 60% Used: 20%
Offered: 30% Used: 19%
Offered: 32% Used: 15%
Offered: 59% Used: 14%
Offered: 28% Used: 12%
Offered: 17% Used: 12%
Offered: 29% Used: 9%
Offered: 31% Used: 8%
Offered: 21% Used: 8%
Offered: 39% Used: 5%
Offered: 25% Used: 5%
Offered: 12% Used: 5%
Offered: 17% Used: 4%
Offered: 13% Used: 4%
Offered: 21% Used: 3%
Offered: 15% Used: 3%
Offered: 9% Used: 3%
Offered: 9% Used: 2%
Offered: 10% Used: 1%
Offered: 9% Used: 1%
Offered: 9% Used: 1%
Offered: 8% Used: 1%
Offered: 5% Used: 0%
Offered: 4% Used: 0%
0 20 40 60 80 100
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The benefits that matter to the nation

In the last six months, employee benefits preferences have significantly shifted. Virtual working, once a top choice, has been overtaken by employer training, possibly reflecting response to the current challenging economic climate, with employees pivoting their focus towards growth and forward-thinking strategies. Nationally, "free food" maintains its popularity with a 49% adoption rate, while "flexibility" has surged to 32%.

Of the benefits your employer offers, which have you used in the last 12 months?

Used:49% National Average: 51%
Used:32% National Average: 23%
Used:20% National Average: 16%
Used:19% National Average: 16%
Used:15% National Average: 16%
Used:14% National Average: 7%
Used:12% National Average: 10%
Used:12% National Average: 11%
Used:9% National Average: 10%
Used:8% National Average: 6%
Used:8% National Average: 13%
Used:5% National Average: 1%
Used:5% National Average: 9%
Used:5% National Average: 9%
Used:4% National Average: 6%
Used:4% National Average: 6%
Used:3% National Average: 3%
Used:3% National Average: 1%
Used:3% National Average: 7%
Used:2% National Average: 0%
Used:1% National Average: 0%
Used:1% National Average: 3%
Used:1% National Average: 0%
Used:1% National Average: 1%
Used:0% National Average: 0%
Used:0% National Average: 0%
0 20 40 60 80 100
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The increase in uptake of mentoring programs in the last six months

Manufacturers engage in flexible working 9% less than the average worker and 7% less for virtual working.

Which would make you most loyal to your employer if offered by your company?

Used: 50% National Average: 43%
Used: 36% National Average: 29%
Used: 34% National Average: 31%
Used: 26% National Average: 30%
Used: 21% National Average: 15%
Used: 20% National Average: 24%
Used: 20% National Average: 27%
Used: 19% National Average: 16%
Used: 19% National Average: 28%
Used: 16% National Average: 18%
Used: 13% National Average: 11%
Used: 11% National Average: 14%
Used: 11% National Average: 16%
Used: 10% National Average: 4%
Used: 9% National Average: 10%
Used: 7% National Average: 14%
Used: 3% National Average: 8%
Used: 1% National Average: 4%
Used: 0% National Average: 1%
0 20 40 60 80 100
National Average
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the increase in workers who value support for reasonable hours in the last six months

Manufacturers care 12% less about employee retreats than six months ago, and 7% less than the average worker.

It's time to go green

  • Not at all
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat
  • A great amount

35% of manufacturers are unlikely to leave their jobs due to their employer's sustainability efforts

A significantly lower percentage compared to the 65% of Australian workers who express such loyalty. Interestingly, this marks a substantial decline from the 77% of manufacturers who held a similar stance just six months ago.

The national employee benefits index

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