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In the territory, you need a car like Kev’s.

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Kev's lease

Car: Mitsubishi Outlander
Car colour: White Diamond
Occupation: Engineer
Lease: Under $690 a fortnight*
Favourite Outlander feature: “The digital radio is absolutely amazing. It thumps. It’s a really good sound system, listening to the eighties, the seventies, the sixties, at full volume. Absolutely awesome.”

*Each lease is unique, and payments vary based on individual financial situations. Even for the same car, your payment may differ. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Flare customer Kevin, a seasoned Vessel Master and Engineer, knows a thing or two about rugged terrain. Living up north in the Territory, his weekends are spent exploring waterfalls and swimming holes, and enjoying hearty meals at far off pubs with his wife and kids. For Kev, the Mitsubishi Outlander has provided a level of comfort and safety that helps him balance a busy life of work and family. 

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Finding the perfect fit

For someone who drives under the harsh conditions of the Northern Territory, choosing the right car is important. Kev’s choice of the Mitsubishi Outlander was driven by its comfort, reliability and suitability for the tough Territorian environment. “It’s very important, especially for comfort, safety and the harsh conditions that we have up here. In the end, it makes all the difference to have a very comfortable, reliable car,” says Kev. 

His Outlander comes packed with modern features like a reversing camera, auto braking and climate control air conditioning — essential for dealing with both the city sprawl and the outback.

Whether it’s commuting to work or taking long drives to remote areas like Dundee Beach, the Outlander has proven its worth time and again. “You know you’re going to be safe and comfortable heading down the highway,” Kev explains. What’s more, the different driving modes, including one for gravel and an eco mode, enhance the driving experience depending on the terrain and conditions, proving that the Outlander is not only versatile but also economical.

A seamless leasing experience with Flare

When it came to financing his Outlander, Kev chose Flare’s novated leasing for its simplicity and cost effectiveness. “The process with Flare was very simple. Chris, who was our concierge, was very engaging throughout the whole process,” he recalls. The ease of managing all car-related expenses in one monthly payment has made budgeting straightforward for his family, too, allowing them more freedom to enjoy life.

“For financially-savvy drivers like Kev, a novated lease can be a great way to save thousands on your car every year. Finding a car that suits your lifestyle and financial goals can be difficult, so we’re here to help make the process simple and easy.”

The practical benefits of a novated lease

Kev was drawn to novated leasing because of the tax savings and the convenience of bundling rego, insurance and maintenance costs. He also appreciated how Flare helped him navigate challenges with vehicle availability at the dealership, making sure he received a better model at a lower price. “The biggest saving was probably with the initial buying cost of the vehicle, which came down significantly from what we got quoted originally,” Kev notes. This financial savvy, combined with the added benefits of salary sacrifice, has made a significant difference to his monthly budget.

Why Kev recommends Flare

It’s not just the comfy new Outlander that makes Kev so enthusiastic about the process. Flare’s novated leasing had a big part to play. “I would recommend Flare to anybody who’s looking at a novated lease. It was a great experience and I couldn’t be happier.”

From the streets of Darwin to the dusty trails of the Territory’s remote areas, Kev’s story is a testament to the adaptability of the Mitsubishi Outlander and the benefits of novated leasing. Discover the perfect car and finance package for your needs with Flare.


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For Kev, the Mitsubishi Outlander has provided a level of comfort and safety that helps him balance a busy life of work and family.