Simplify and streamline your payroll processes

with Flare PAY

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Powerful, Easy to Use and Flexible Payroll Solution

Flare PAY is a cloud-based real-time payroll solution which automatically calculates and files payroll each time a change is made to your employees' data. This eliminates the complex, time consuming processes often experienced at the end of your pay cycle. Coupled with our payroll dashboard you will be alerted to any actions required prior to finalising your payroll. 

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Flexible pricing model and no lock in contracts.

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Increased efficiency through reduced manual effort.

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Business Continuity & Legal Compliance.

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Flexible pricing model and no lock in contracts

  • Monthly subscription based on total number of employees
  • No charge per “payslip” or per “transaction”. This delivers predictable, consistent pricing.

Increased efficiency through reduced manual effort

  • Automated Payroll - All you need to do is review and approve.
  • Reduce your double entry of data. Flare PAY is driven from your Flare processes.
  • Automated payroll processing based on your business rules.
  • Automatic recalculation of past payments.
  • Automatic rules for managing Superannuation Cap legislation.
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Flexible delivery models to suit you

We have two models of delivery depending on your requirements:

  • Self Service - you manage and submit post payroll lodgements and file.
  • Managed payroll - we submit and process all lodgements on your behalf.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Improve your employee engagement with our convenient, interactive payslip. Our payslip provides your employees with full transparency and analysis of their pay anytime. Combined with the Flare BENEFITS window your employees are given a wide range of benefit choices and flexibility.

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Business Continuity & Legal Compliance

  • In built business continuity - Real-time payroll results, backup bank file available as a contingency for each day of your payroll cycle. 
  • Legal Compliance - Quarterly product updates ensuring latest legal requirements.
  • Payroll History - Convenient history storage option to keep all of your payroll data required for audit processes in one place.

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