Run perfect pay runs without lifting a finger

With information flowing directly from Flare’s Onboarding & HRIS products, pay runs are always up to date with the latest timesheets, leave requests, deductions and more, meaning you can run the perfect pay run with just the click of a button.

Keep employee information up to date automatically

Never manually enter or change employee details again. Information like name, bank account details, tax withholdings and more flow automatically into payroll from Flare’s Onboarding & HRIS products.

New employees are added automatically

Pay details like bank accounts, tax withholdings, super and more are entered by the employee in the onboarding process and flow automatically into the payroll product.

Details are updated automatically

When an employee updates their details through the self-serve portal in the HRIS product, that information is automatically updated in the payroll product. You’ll never have to manually update employee details again.

Calculate pay runs automatically

Use timesheets or salary information, combined with awards rules, to automatically calculate pay runs.
for timesheeted employees
Employees complete timesheets

Employees complete their timesheet in Flare, or they’re imported from time & attendance tools like Tanda & Deputy

Managers approve

Managers are notified and can then review, edit and approve timesheets

Pay run is calculated

Based on approved timesheets, the pay run is automatically calculated

for salaried employees
Pay run is automatically calculated

Pay run is automatically calculated based on employee salary plus any applicable changes such as allowances, deductions or leave.

Handle changes with ease

Simply enter the change and the date it comes into effect, and Flare does the rest, automatically calculating the necessary changes to the pay run and showing the updated pay run in real-time.

Employees enter leave requests themselves, and once approved, the pay run is automatically adjusted.

Salary Changes

Managers enter salary updates and the effective date, and once approved the pay run is automatically updated.

Allowances & Deductions

Managers can enter special allowances or deductions and their effective date, and the pay run is automatically updated.

Employee Details

New bank account details and super information is entered by the employee in the self-service portal, automatically updating in the payroll system.


Executives can enter bonuses (as dollar value or as percentage of salary) and the pay run is automatically updated.

Employee Exits

Employee exits are entered by managers along with the effective date, final payments are automatically calculated, and the pay run is updated.

Flare Payroll is a date based system. So you can enter a pay run change (such as a salary update) at any time, and Flare will automatically action it and adjust the pay run on the effective date you select

Review pay runs quickly

Flare automatically points out potential issues in the pay run, so you can quickly review, fix and approve pay runs.

Complete pay runs in seconds

Once reviewed and approved, simply run the pay run and Flare takes care of the rest.

Automatically generate ABA & SAFF files

Automatically generate ABA & SAFF files ready to be uploaded to your bank and clearing house, or set it up so that they’re submitted automatically.

Send employee payslips

Automatically email employees their payslips and make them available in the self-service portal.

Automatically generate a General Ledger Posting File

Automatically generate a General Ledger Posting File read to be uploaded into your accounting program.

Know where your money goes

Detailed reports show you where your money is going, and allows you to easily see leave liability, time theft and more.

Works seamlessly with other products

Used alone, Flare’s Payroll product makes it easy to run perfect pay runs every time, but it’s even better when used with Flare’s other products.
Onboard new employees in minutes, not days, with Flare’s digital onboarding product
Reduce admin work and keep employees happy with Flare’s HR management product
Run perfect pay runs every time with Flare's payroll product
Offer benefits, like discounted movie tickets, at no cost with Flare's benefits product

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