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How to win the race for talent

Panel: How to win the race for talent

On-demand panel on pay in the new economy with MYOB

With HR managers and business owners vying to win the race for in-demand skills in the Australian job market, now is the time to re-evaluate your employee value proposition and what you’re offering prospective employees.
Featuring panelists Geoff Lloyd former CEO of MLC and Perpetual and Flare Chair, James Windon Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Flare, Helen Lea Chief Employee Experience Officer at MYOB and Dr Liz Crawford Chief Product & Technology Officer at Flare. This 30 minute panel is available below on-demand.

In this event, you'll hear about:


Overview of research from over 7,000 new job starters in 2022 and their attitudes towards pay and benefits.


How small and medium-sized enterprises have faired during the covid-19 pandemic.


The role of purpose within a business articulating its employer value proposition (EVP).

Hybrid work:

The shift to remote and hybrid work and how businesses need to treat employees with greater flexibility.


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