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Thousands of companies are streamlining their HR & payroll with Flare
Glen Lees CFO, Bondi pizza
“We’re able to focus on the bigger stategic issues, rather than focussing on the small stuff."
Jessica Van Der Walt Talent Team Leader, Employsure
“Performance management was our biggest win. We have been able to cut the process down from a full months work to just two weeks, with 85% less of the man power.”
Fai Allam HR Manager, Sephora
“It used to take two people two weeks just to onboard one employee, now it takes 60 seconds! The entire process has been cut down massively with Flare.”
Rebekah Di Blasi Head of Talent & Culture, KJR
“The biggest challenge was getting our employees onboard with the idea. They are software testers that work with quality, so it’s a testament to Flare that they have a quality product. The whole platform is super intuitive.”
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William Shirley People & Payroll - Atomic 212°
“Switching to Flare has reduced the amount of time I spend on Payroll by 40%”

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