Drastic time savings in employee onboarding

$100,000 saved in onboarding allowed Next Athleisure to effortlessly launch JD sports

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JD Sports


JD Sports Fashion plc, more commonly known as JD Sports or JD, is a British sports-fashion retail company based in Bury, Greater Manchester, England



Company size

50,000 employees

Meet the JD Sports team

Jodie Hearne

Jodie Hearne HR Manager, Glue Store / JD Sports
Jodie’s team is responsible for nationwide Glue Stores and JD Sports stores.

“It really made a huge difference to the process, because a lot of the time the people weren’t returning their paperwork. It just eliminated the need for the back and forth and the chasing up.”


In the absence of a true HRIS, JD Sports Australia HR manager was having a hard time keeping track of all the employee data. With the HR department having just three employees overseeing the 2,000 workers, the manual process was tiresome and error-prone. In addition, JD Sports Australia onboards hundreds of new employees annually with a significant spike in casual hires around major shopping seasons like Christmas. Finding a quicker and more reliable way to run HR processes was therefore top of mind for Jodie, the HR Manager.


Fortunately, Jodie had previously worked in organisations with a HRIS so had a good idea of what was needed. She set out to find a system that could urgently transform this process before the busy Christmas season. Here’s why she chose Flare:

Centralisation of employee data

Flare has helped centralise employee data and streamline the onboarding process. Now instead of the manual process, the HR department needs only click one button and everyone gets their welcome email and the accompanying documentation. Once the employee completes their details, an email is sent to the payroll department with all the details of the new hire. The payroll manager no longer needs to print out the documents as it’s all compact, simplified and well-formatted.

Customisable features

Flare has a degree of flexibility that made it easier to customise features to align with the HR team’s objectives. In particular, the email alert sent to the payroll department after onboarding had to have all the requisite information since incomplete data would render the email useless. Flare’s development team working together with JD Sports HR and tech departments ensured the email that payroll received had all the information needed so they didn’t have to manually refer to the employee’s folder.

Optimal cost

We provided a quality solution that did not break the bank, charging only once for implementation.

“It just eliminated the need for the back and forth and the chasing up.”


Igniting change: paving way for a new standard
Next Athleisure (NA) was not only able to launch JD Sports across Australia, but Jodie also managed to save NA $100,000 in onboarding and efficiency. This was achieved through Flare’s seamless digital employee onboarding reducing administrative costs for thousands of employees and summer casuals.

How JD Sports and Glue saved $100,000 in onboarding efficiency by using Flare

Glue and JD Sports transformed their manual employee onboarding process into a seamless digital onboarding experience with Flare.
“Flare made a huge difference for us, eliminating the need for back and forth and chasing up paperwork during onboarding.” – Jodie Hearne, HR Manager at Glue and JD Sports
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Drastic time savings in employee onboarding