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Key Challenges

  • No HR system
  • HR process time consuming and manual
  • Costly onboarding process

Key improvements

  • The entire process is now paperless and streamlined
  • Onboarding a new employee is super simple and has freed up valuable resources

About Douglas Chemist Group

Douglas Chemist Group operate a range of different retail pharmacies, including Priceline Pharmacies, one of Australia's leading pharmacy chain stores.

The Situation Before Flare

Prior to using Flare, the systems were pretty much paper-based. Onboarding was sometimes post-employment. Managers were expected  to deliver and manage the policies and procedures at the store level and that was a little bit harder for some of the stores who don't have the work capabilities or the time to sit down and prepare policies and procedures.

Onboarding Employees

Across Priceline and the other Douglas Chemist stores, there are 27 pharmacies and 600 employees. Each of those entities in those pharmacies are separate businesses in themselves. There is a general turn over rate of around 40% between the stores, which means that onboarding new employees and maintaining accurate HR records is absolutely important.

The ability to run reporting that can show the true turnover rate by store is a priority, and functionality and features that allow onboarding to occur in the right timeframe and sequence is incredibly important.


Why Flare?

Flare's platform allowed Douglas Chemists to take their onboarding time from two weeks to 24 hours, and sometimes down to just thirty minutes. It has freed up their managers' time, their administrators' time and their HR's resources because the entire onboarding and management process can happen electronically.

It's created a far more efficient process, because managers don't have to deal with and share paperwork from hundreds of staff across a range of data capture and compliance checkpoints. Because the system is far more streamlined, the staff are able to onboard people and have processes in place to systematically employ staff and know that their employment is official before their first day.

A Unified System

HR staff are now able to actually ensure that the employees read the policies and procedures, and, for the first time in this organisation's history, they have had a consensus or the same policy and procedure going out to every single employee and it's not modified to each store. The onboarding process can be styled to match each store and brand, but the underlying systems are unified and allow the group as a whole to be one unified setup.



“Flare HR took our onboarding time down from two weeks to 24 hours. Some of them are down to five minutes!”

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