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Offer employees significant savings on electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids with a novated lease

Electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) adoption in Australia is set to explode. With the introduction of no Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) for eligible vehicles only through a novated lease, these cars will be in high demand with your employees.

Benefits the environment
and your business

Meet the demand for EVS

40% of Aussies say they’d buy an EV if subsidies assisted the initial purchase price*. With the introduction of no FBT on eligible EVs and PHEVs only through a novated lease, employees will be seeking employers who proactively offer this benefit.

Give employees’ salaries a boost, at no cost

With no FBT on eligible EVs and PHEVs, you could save your employees on average $9k per year at no cost to your business. This is almost double the savings** compared to a novated lease with an internal combustion engine vehicle.

Strengthen your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

With more than 7 out of 10 employees^ being interested in accessing salary packaging, novated leasing is a powerful tool to drive financial wellbeing and enhance your EVP.

Simplify your balance sheet with no FBT

With no FBT to pay on eligible EVs and PHEVs there is no FBT offset or reporting required, simplifying your balance sheet.

Minimise payroll tax

If your business qualifies for payroll tax, the more eligible EVs and PHEVs your employees take up through a novated lease arrangement, the more you could save by reducing their taxable income.

Take leadership on sustainability

You’ll be leading the transition to EVs, and demonstrating innovation and a commitment to sustainability.

Car salary packaging with Flare 
is low-touch and hassle-free

Set up your business in ten minutes

If you have never had a novated lease before, we’ll help you understand it, get set up, and promote it within your business. We make it simple and easy. The whole set up process will take you less than 10 minutes with Flare.

No admin burden

You don’t need to adjust your payroll cycles. We offer the flexibility to tailor salary deductions and invoicing with direct debt to suit your business needs. It’s low-touch to administer with ‘set and forget’ salary deductions.

No liability for lease payments

We help drive the adoption 
of salary packaging within 
your business through an educational and digitally led employee experience with 
our Flare app.

No cost to your business

We help drive the adoption 
of salary packaging within 
your business through an educational and digitally led employee experience with 
our Flare app.

Find out how much you can save

Download our comprehensive salary packaging guide

Find out the benefits and steps involved to get your business set up in minutes.

Frequently asked questions

What will a novated lease cost my business?

Offering novated leases to your employees won’t cost your business anything. There are no ongoing or management fees. The employees are responsible for the lease amount.

It’s not complicated to set up or manage your novated lease program with Flare. With our fully digital solution, we can help get you set up within minutes not hours.

If you’ve never had or offered a novated lease before, we can help you understand it and launch it to your staff.

We manage all day-to-day dealings with your staff about their novated lease, so there is no administrative burden on you.

Flare will manage the novated lease directly with the employee. They are available to provide support.

On average people with a Flare novated lease save $20,000 on their vehicle purchase price, running costs, and tax over the course of ownership.

Your employees benefit from before-tax savings on all the running costs of their vehicle, so they have nothing left to worry about. This includes fuel, service and maintenance, rego and CTP (NSW), and insurance.

Flare uses the Employee Contribution Method (ECM) for FBT, closely managing this directly with employees to help ensure that there is no FBT liability on your business.

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