The best free software for medium and
large businesses in Australia

Here’s what’s included:

Digital Onboarding

Essentials Onboarding, plus custom onboarding journey design

Benefits & Wellness

A free benefits and perks platform available for your entire workforce — including your full-time and part-time employees, casuals and volunteers

Flare Cars

A modern novated leasing program and financial benefit for your employees

Implementation, setup and training

Full implementation and training services provided, from consultation to launch*


Essentials integrations, plus pre-built integrations. * Addition costs may apply

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Flare's pricing work?

Flare’s software is free. There are no software costs or subscription fees. No pricing per user. No ongoing costs or upgrades. Once you’re implemented, Flare’s software is continuously free.

How secure is Flare's platform?

Flare takes all aspects of security seriously. We hold regularly scheduled security workgroup meetings to ensure ongoing compliance, and continuous improvement of our environment and operational activities. We also undergo third audits by certified security specialists including penetration testing, and all aspects of OWASP standards.

Our current environment is considered by auditors as being industry best practice compliant. Additionally, we have process in place to ensure compliance with ongoing privacy requirements.

How reliable is Flare's platform?

Flare and all of our application data is stored on Microsoft’s Azure platform. We make use of the Azure security functionality as well as undergoing our own security audits on a regular basis. Flare is a fully hosted solution, and there is a high degree of automation and monitoring with alerts in use to ensure the platform remains reliable and accessible to your users.

What does Flare integrate with?

Flare integrates with payroll, recruitment, time and attendance, learning management and HRIS solutions. Some integrations are pre-built with no cost, and others require custom integration development. Get in touch with us for more information.

Additionally, we have an open API to enable connections with your core platforms and tools. Our team can provide documentation to support your technical requirements.

Experience Flare

If you want to pave the way for better HR operations and move away from manual HR admin, try Flare.