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Cutting down employee onboarding admin time from two weeks to just 60 seconds

"It used to take two people two weeks to onboard one employee, now it takes 60 seconds! The entire process has been cut down massively with Flare."


Fai Allam

Former HR Manager, Sephora

Fai was Sephora’s former HR Business Partner managing HR admin for 400 employees along with Monique Glatter. 


With just two people managing HR admin for 400 employees, the manual processes were understandably tiresome and time consuming. It was certainly at the back of Fai Allam, Sephora’s former HR Business Partner and Monique Glatter’s, former HR and Recruitment Executive, minds to find a faster and more efficient way to keep up to date with current employee admin and new onboarding employees, they just couldn’t find the time to research their options.

Sephora has a high turnover of employees as they mostly employ part-timers and casual workers. It would take two people two weeks to onboard one employee and with the fast turnover and the amount of paperwork involved they “often had paper lying all over the floor”.

Onboarding one employee was incredibly paper-heavy, as each individual would receive a starter package in the post with a physical handbook costing $25. With postage, this would come to $40 per employee. It would take Fai and Monique several trips to the post office and extra admin to make sure they received a tracking sticker for each package.


With the amount of turnover, paperwork and cost involved Fai and Monique knew that the process needed to improve, but they couldn’t find the time to research their options. So when Daniel Cohen, Flare’s Managing Director & Co-founder mentioned to Monique that he had the perfect solution to significantly reduce their admin time, go paperless and allow Sephora to seamlessly and easily onboard their employees at no extra cost, both Fai and Monique were sold on the idea.

Here's why they chose Flare:

Reduced onboarding admin

The entire process has been cut down significantly with Flare. Fai and Monique are able to set up a new employee in just a minute as they no longer have to fill out a lot of details manually. The employee now has the control to fill out their details and update them whenever they need.

Improved employee experience

According to Fai the process is so much easier and also much more professional from an employees perspective. Now they just receive an email from Flare to complete onboarding onto the Flare platform and off they go.

Reduced cost 

By digitising their onboarding handbook, they reduced their onboarding cost from $40 to zero.

It used to take two people two weeks to onboard one employee, now it takes 60 seconds!"


Igniting change: paving way for a new standard

By automating Sephora's onboarding processes, Fai and Monique managed to lower their average employee onboarding time from two weeks to only 60 seconds. Furthermore, by digitising their onboarding handbook and integrating it into the onboarding workflow, they reduced their cost by $40 per employee.

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