In the territory, you need a car like Kev’s.

Kev's lease

Car: Mitsubishi Outlander
Car colour: White Diamond
Occupation: Engineer
Lease: Under $690 a fortnight*
Favourite Outlander feature: “The digital radio is absolutely amazing. It thumps. It’s a really good sound system, listening to the eighties, the seventies, the sixties, at full volume. Absolutely awesome.”

*Each lease is unique, and payments vary based on individual financial situations. Even for the same car, your payment may differ. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Flare customer Kevin, a seasoned Vessel Master and Engineer, knows a thing or two about rugged terrain. Living up north in the Territory, his weekends are spent exploring waterfalls and swimming holes, and enjoying hearty meals at far off pubs with his wife and kids. For Kev, the Mitsubishi Outlander has provided a level of comfort and safety that helps him balance a busy life of work and family. 

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Finding the perfect fit

For someone who drives under the harsh conditions of the Northern Territory, choosing the right car is important. Kev’s choice of the Mitsubishi Outlander was driven by its comfort, reliability and suitability for the tough Territorian environment. “It’s very important, especially for comfort, safety and the harsh conditions that we have up here. In the end, it makes all the difference to have a very comfortable, reliable car,” says Kev. 

His Outlander comes packed with modern features like a reversing camera, auto braking and climate control air conditioning — essential for dealing with both the city sprawl and the outback.

Whether it’s commuting to work or taking long drives to remote areas like Dundee Beach, the Outlander has proven its worth time and again. “You know you’re going to be safe and comfortable heading down the highway,” Kev explains. What’s more, the different driving modes, including one for gravel and an eco mode, enhance the driving experience depending on the terrain and conditions, proving that the Outlander is not only versatile but also economical.

A seamless leasing experience with Flare

When it came to financing his Outlander, Kev chose Flare’s novated leasing for its simplicity and cost effectiveness. “The process with Flare was very simple. Chris, who was our concierge, was very engaging throughout the whole process,” he recalls. The ease of managing all car-related expenses in one monthly payment has made budgeting straightforward for his family, too, allowing them more freedom to enjoy life.

“For financially-savvy drivers like Kev, a novated lease can be a great way to save thousands on your car every year. Finding a car that suits your lifestyle and financial goals can be difficult, so we’re here to help make the process simple and easy.”

The practical benefits of a novated lease

Kev was drawn to novated leasing because of the tax savings and the convenience of bundling rego, insurance and maintenance costs. He also appreciated how Flare helped him navigate challenges with vehicle availability at the dealership, making sure he received a better model at a lower price. “The biggest saving was probably with the initial buying cost of the vehicle, which came down significantly from what we got quoted originally,” Kev notes. This financial savvy, combined with the added benefits of salary sacrifice, has made a significant difference to his monthly budget.

Why Kev recommends Flare

It’s not just the comfy new Outlander that makes Kev so enthusiastic about the process. Flare’s novated leasing had a big part to play. “I would recommend Flare to anybody who’s looking at a novated lease. It was a great experience and I couldn’t be happier.”

From the streets of Darwin to the dusty trails of the Territory’s remote areas, Kev’s story is a testament to the adaptability of the Mitsubishi Outlander and the benefits of novated leasing. Discover the perfect car and finance package for your needs with Flare.


A professional driver’s switch to Tesla

For Danny, a professional bus driver of six years, the switch to an electric vehicle was more than just a lifestyle upgrade — it was a strategic decision. Choosing the Tesla Model Y through Flare’s novated leasing program wasn’t just about driving any car — it was about preparing for a more sustainable future. 

Here’s how Danny found his perfect match in Tesla and how Flare made the transition seamless.

Danny's lease

Car: Tesla Model Y
Car colour: Abyss black
Occupation: Professional Driver
What do you love about getting a new car? “I can summon my car from the driveway with just the push of a button!

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Finding the perfect match in Tesla

As a professional driver, Danny knew that choosing the right car was crucial. The Tesla Model Y, often hailed as the holy grail of EVs, met all of his criteria and more. “The Tesla was the better option because it was a lot more affordable thanks to the introduction this financial year of the fringe benefits tax exemption for EVs,” Danny explains. 

This financial advantage, combined with the car’s high efficiency and environmental benefits, solidified his decision. “Me and my wife chose this electric vehicle because we believe that EVs are the future and it’s something that’s going to be very impactful for our environment,” he adds.

A seamless transition with Flare

Transitioning to a novated lease with Flare was straightforward, even when switching employers. Danny appreciates the ease of continuing his leasing arrangement, highlighting Flare’s flexibility and customer support. “I found out from my former employer that they have a novated leasing program for salary sacrifice. The choice of the company through my employer was Flare,” he notes. 

The smooth process was further enhanced by Flare’s one-to-one account management service. “The process with Flare was very simple. Kevin, who was our concierge, was very engaging throughout the whole process. The monthly payment with Flare is very easy to understand. You don’t need to worry about all of the overhead costs involved, such as rego, insurance, servicing or your maintenance costs. It makes budgeting a whole lot easier,” Danny shares.

Experiencing the benefits firsthand

The financial benefits Danny has experienced with his Tesla have been significant. “The savings are amazing. Before this car, I had a Honda CRV, and the running costs on that CRV were about $400 per month on petrol, whereas for this [my Tesla] it’s about $60-$70,” he recounts. 

His recent trip to Phillip Island in Victoria demonstrated the practical benefits of his Tesla’s capabilities. “There were no worries about the actual battery range. The car was able to get me to Phillip Island and back in one full charge.”

This peace of mind was strengthened by Tesla’s active safety features, including lane and collision avoidance assist, speed monitoring and a cabin camera to determine driver attentiveness — all of which bring enhanced confidence in long-distance drives. 

Danny’s pick

With such positive outcomes, Danny is enthusiastic about recommending Flare’s novated leasing to others. “I would recommend Flare to anybody who’s looking at a novated lease. It was a great experience and I couldn’t be happier.”

If you’re considering an electric vehicle, or just want a smarter way to own a car, let Flare guide you to your perfect match. Visit our website or contact us today to explore our novated leasing options.

Loreen’s leap to independence with the MG ZS Excite

Seasoned Business Analyst Loreen has discovered the joy and independence that comes with owning the perfect car. Settling into her life in Melbourne after moving from Auckland, Loreen’s MG ZS Excite is not just a way to get around, it represents freedom, enabling her to explore new places and make vital connections in her new home city. 

Loreen's lease

Car: MG ZS Excite
Car colour: Diamond red
Occupation: Data analyst
Lease amount:
~$750 monthly*
What do you love about getting a new car? “I’d always wanted to get a brand new car! Little did I know, I could do it now!”

*Each lease is unique, and payments vary based on individual financial situations. Even for the same car, your payment may differ. Contact us for a personalised quote.

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The drive towards independence

For Loreen, her MG ZS Excite is much more than just a vehicle. “My car is important to me because it gives me the independence to drive around Victoria, as well as get to work and visit my friends and family,” she explains. Her car is her partner in navigating the sprawling landscapes of the city and surrounds, supporting her professional life and enriching her personal adventures. Plus, with features like 3D audio and a rearview camera, an 8” infotainment system and advanced safety systems, the MG ZS Excite more than delivers on her needs. 

Customer service that makes a difference

Loreen’s experience with Flare has been characterised by ease and exceptional customer service, especially with the help of her expert lending consultant at Flare. “The experience and the process dealing with Flare has been really good and easy to follow through, particularly with the help of Justin. He was really informative and kept me up to date through all of the processes and steps,” she recounts. This level of support has not only made her transition smoother but also more enjoyable.

More than a car

Loreen’s experience with her MG ZS Excite and Flare novated lease has been transformative. “Flare has been part of my journey in such a big way. When I bought the car, it was more about getting to work, but what I’ve discovered since is that the car has given me the independence that I need since moving from Auckland to Melbourne, and I’m able to visit new places that I haven’t visited before,” she reflects. This newfound independence has allowed Loreen to explore more than just the roads — it’s opened up new horizons in her personal life, too.

Why choose Flare

Confident in the value and service she’s received, Loreen is always eager to put in a good word when it comes to Flare. “I would recommend Flare to any other employees who are thinking about taking up benefits like novated leasing,” she asserts. Her endorsement stems from her positive experiences and the comprehensive benefits that extend well beyond vehicle leasing to other areas like internet services, phones, and even holiday planning.

Money matters, and so does Flare

Loreen’s story is a vivid illustration of how Flare’s novated leasing can be more than a financial decision — it can be a springboard for new freedoms and experiences. Her MG ZS Excite is not just a car, but a tool that enhances her life, proving that with the right support and services, the road ahead can be as rewarding as the destination itself.

Feeling inspired by Loreen’s journey to independence and savings? Discover how Flare can redefine your driving experience and more. Visit our website or contact us today to explore our novated leasing options and other incredible benefits designed to enhance your life.

Happy Flare drivers tell their story

We understand that navigating the world of vehicle leasing can be daunting. That’s why at Flare, we pride ourselves on providing concierge-level service that not only meets but exceeds expectations. From detailed procurement support to personalised leasing management, our team is committed to ensuring a smooth and satisfying journey for every client.

Need proof? Our customer stories underscore our dedication to excellence.  

Flare’s personal touch

Whether it’s finding the perfect car or managing complex paperwork, our team’s expertise and dedication shine through. “Every step along the way was clearly explained as the process to finalise delivery approached, along with updates as needed. The financials were made clear to follow, as well as the logistics involved,” shares Flare customer Niel. 

“Monica was absolutely fantastic. She kept me informed and was super helpful — a true testament to customer service.”
– Ashley D.

“The experience was great. Wei was really helpful and answered all my questions. The process was smooth and easy.”
– Paul C.

Going above and beyond

Flare’s procurement experts go beyond standard service to secure the best deals and find the right cars, even when they’re hard to locate. “Gary wanted to buy a T-Cross, but after searching all of South Australia and VIC, the dealers couldn’t find any.” says Flare consultant Ben Harris. “All’s well that ends well as we ended up helping him secure the T-Roc at a great price with delivery in under a month.” 

This proactive approach ensures that our clients not only get their desired vehicle but also enjoy significant savings and a hassle-free experience.

Gary and his new Volkswagen T-Cross

What our customers are saying

Our testimonials speak volumes about the positive experiences our customers have with Flare:

Find out for yourself

At Flare, we’re all about creating lasting relationships through exceptional service. Our team’s expertise, coupled with a genuine passion for helping our clients, makes us not just a service provider but a partner in your leasing journey. 

Discover the Flare difference and let us take the hassle out of your next car lease. Visit our website or contact us for more information about our novated leasing options.

Nathan and Claire’s search for an affordable EV

In his quest to strike the perfect balance between sustainability and affordability, Nathan Clift, a Mobile Road Safety Camera Operator, has embraced the latest and greatest in EV technology. His top choice was the BYD Atto 3 acquired through Flare. 

With a lifestyle that revolves around kids and a busy schedule, Nathan’s Atto is more than just a set of wheels — it’s a commitment to a greener, more efficient way of life. 

Nathan's lease

Car: BYD Atto 3
Car colour: White
Occupation: Mobile Road Safety Camera Operator 
Lease amount:
~$600 fortnightly*
What do you love about your new car? “My favourite feature is the 360 surround camera. It’s a relief knowing the kids are safe when I’m pulling out of the driveway.”

*Each lease is unique, and payments vary based on individual financial situations. Even for the same car, your payment may differ. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Watch the Clifts' story:

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Here’s how Nathan’s experience with Flare and his EV is setting a new standard for environmentally conscious driving within budget friendly confines.

A typical week with the Clifts

For Nathan, life is all about quality time with his wife and kids. Whether it’s attending local events or simple joys like a family drive, the BYD Atto 3 has become a part of these precious moments. Nathan shares, “When I take the kids to school, they absolutely love the motorised sunroof.” 

It’s clear that his new car isn’t just a vehicle — it’s all about time spent together.

Effortless leasing and a seamless transition

The decision to go with Flare’s novated leasing came easy for Nathan. The standout reason? A simple and easy process with one-to-one account management. “Our leasing consultant Damian has been absolutely phenomenal in our experience of purchasing the car and ongoing support. It’s been great,” Nathan enthuses. This streamlined process has allowed Nathan to focus on what matters most — his family life.

“Nathan and his family were looking for an affordable EV to suit their young family. BYD is a great option for families looking for an economical and sustainable solution.

As a newer brand to the market, BYD is making waves in Australia due to its innovative design, affordable price point and a growing range of models to suit all walks of life.”
- Damien Miller, Senior Leasing Consultant

The benefits of electric cars

Driven by a commitment to sustainability and the desire for finding an affordable option, Nathan was surprised that an EV was the best option. The BYD Atto 3 was not only a financially savvy choice but also a step towards reducing the family’s carbon footprint. The added benefit of tax savings through the FBT exemption made the decision even sweeter. “I never thought that I’d be actually able to buy an EV tax free,” he says. 

Safety first (but also style)

Choosing the BYD Atto 3 was about more than just good looks or brand reputation — it came down to assurance and reliability. “I know for me, the safety of my family is number one, and the safety features around [the BYD Atto 3] are absolutely incredible,” says Nathan. The car’s advanced safety features provide peace of mind, knowing his family is protected on the road.

Image source: CarsGuide

"The 360 surround camera provides peace of mind. I can keep an eye on the kids when I'm in the driveway and know they're safe."

Why choose a novated lease with Flare?

Nathan’s experience with Flare went beyond mere customer service to creating significant value and understanding. “My experience in dealing with Flare was absolutely fantastic. They actually created huge tax savings for us,” he shares.

This sentiment underscores the benefits of partnering with Flare, making us a preferred choice for savvy consumers like Nathan. For families looking to balance budget, functionality and environmental values, Nathan’s journey with Flare and the BYD Atto 3 is a shining example.

Interested in exploring what Flare can do for you? Contact us directly to learn more about our novated leasing options and how we can help make your next car purchase as rewarding as Nathan’s.

*Each lease is different and is dependent on an applicant’s income, financial situation and more. Contact us for a tailored lease for you.

Jay’s electric adventures

Jay Jasani, an IT professional based in Geelong, has always loved to blend functionality with a bit of futuristic flair. His car of choice, the Hyundai Ioniq 5, is not just a means of transport but a gateway to weekend explorations and family bonding across Victoria. With its distinct cyberpunk aesthetic and cutting edge features, Jay’s choice reflects his appreciation for technology and design, alongside a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Family weekends on the move

Every weekend, Jay and his family hit the road to enjoy shopping in Melbourne, visit friends and discover scenic drives through Victoria’s diverse landscapes. The Ioniq 5, with its spacious interior and rapid charging capability, ensures that their travel is not only stylish but also uninterrupted by lengthy charging stops. “The main reason I chose the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is its unique modern Cyberpunk design, range efficiency, rapid charging, internal design and space, dual display and modern safety features,” says Jay.

Jay's lease:

Car: Hyundai Ioniq 5
Car colour: Abyss Black
Occupation: IT specialist
Lease amount: ~$900 fortnightly*
What do you love about your new car? “I love the Ioniq’s unique modern Cyberpunk design, range efficiency, rapid charging, internal design and space.”

Choosing a novated lease with Flare

When it came time to choose a new car, Jay opted for Flare’s novated leasing program, drawn by the promise of financial ease and comprehensive coverage. “The key motivations for my decision were the tax savings and the inclusion of maintenance expenses. It also allowed me to upgrade my vehicle without straining my finances.” 

The process was made even smoother by Monica, his leasing consultant at Flare. “Despite my numerous questions as a first time lessee, some of which might have seemed trivial, she remained patient and addressed each one thoroughly.”

“Novated leasing can feel overwhelming for first time leaseholders. At Flare, we understand that a new car can be a big decision. It’s important to make sure our leaseholders have all the information available to them so they can make informed choices.”

Monica, Leasing Consultant

Embracing the EV lifestyle

The choice to switch to an electric vehicle was driven by more than just economic benefits — it was a decision shaped by environmental considerations and a fascination with innovative tech. “By opting for an EV, I was able to take advantage of FBT tax savings, while also contributing to environmental sustainability,” Jay notes, highlighting the dual benefits of cost efficiency and reduced ecological footprint.

Jay also cites the Ioniq’s tech features, some of which double as advanced safety systems, as key to his decision. Things like 250V ports for devices, digital side mirrors, AR display, sat nav, Bose premium audio and more, Jay says the bells and whistles were surprisingly affordable. 

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 experience

For Jay, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 stands out not only for its aesthetics but also for its performance. “After evaluating several cars based on safety, interior space and design, as well as range and charging capabilities within a similar budget, the IONIQ 5 emerged as the standout choice for our family’s requirements,” he says. 

In fact, the instant torque and minimal maintenance needs of the EV add to its appeal, emphasising the shift from traditional automotive norms to a smoother, more responsive driving experience.

The simplicity of EV charging

Jay finds EV charging to be surprisingly straightforward. “So far in my experience, the charging process is pretty easy and isn’t required as often as I was originally anticipating,” he shares, firmly debunking myths about the hassles of owning an EV.

Jay’s electrifying leap with Flare

Jay’s transition to an EV through Flare’s novated leasing program exemplifies the seamless integration of lifestyle, tech and sustainability and its possibilities. His story is a testament to how innovative leasing solutions can enhance the accessibility of EVs, making them a practical (and affordable) choice for modern families looking to balance comfort, luxury and responsibility.

Inspired by Jay’s journey? Explore how Flare can electrify your drive by visiting our website or contacting us for more information about our novated leasing options.

Jay Jasani, an IT professional based in Geelong, has always loved to blend functionality with a bit of futuristic flair. His car of choice, the Hyundai Ioniq 5, is not just a means of transport but a gateway to weekend explorations and family bonding across Victoria.