Incentives to reward, retain and attract employees

Ames Australia rewards its own through employee financial wellness


AMES Australia


AMES Australia provides English training, employment services, community engagement and settlement support to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales.


Education Public Sector

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625 employees

Meet the AMES team


Jon Avnaim

Senior Manager, HR Shared Services – AMES Australia

“The Flare Benefits platform has been a great addition to AMES’ Employee Benefits. We chose Flare over other suppliers because of the level of service we received and how Flare was able to tailor to our needs.”


AMES Australia wanted to recognise the contributions of its employees and volunteers and attract new talent. Given that AMES is a public sector organisation and salaries are not always comparable to private sector rates, Senior Manager, Jon Avnaim had to find a budget friendly way to attract the right candidates for the business as well as reward and engage existing employees and volunteers.


After evaluating the different options, Jon chose to go in the direction of employee wellness by offering the Flare Benefits & Discounts platform and Flare Cars to all AMES employees. He knew offering benefits would be the right incentives to reward, retain and attract employees. The challenge here was also to convince employees that this was a good product, and something they would benefit from. Here’s why Jon chose Flare:

Talent attraction and retention through benefits

Bringing in benefits like discount vouchers and the novated car lease package gave AMES an add-on that not only attracted future candidates but also recognised its existing workforce. Jon also saw the value in Flare Cars offering significant potential tax savings to both employers and employees. Moreover, the fact that the Flare Benefits platform was free and available to all members of the AMES workforce (including full-time and part-time employees, casuals and volunteers) meant every single AMES employee would be rewarded.

“My experience with Flare Cars was overall a great experience, service was quick and I knew what was going on from start to finish with updates from the person handling my account at all time.” – Megan Ely, Work Broker Employment Division, AMES Australia


When AMES introduced the Flare Benefits & Discounts platform and Flare Cars to the business, there was a large uptake of employees using the platform and an increase on novated leases, based on tax savings. In a short space of time, all AMES employees were able to access Benefits & Discounts directly as well as extend the invitation to access the platform to family members and friends. Feedback has been very positive and now AMES is able to use novated leasing and benefits as part of its recruitment strategy when advertising positions.

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Incentives to reward, retain and attract employees