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Factsheet: Psychological Safety

Research has found that businesses benefit from the diversity of thought, and groups of people with different life experiences are better able to identify problems and offer up creative solutions than those with similar life experiences.

But what if some team members don’t feel comfortable speaking up? What if they’re afraid to share their concerns or resist asking questions? What if they avoid suggesting innovative ideas because they’re worried about rejection?

Download our free factsheet to learn about psychological safety and why it matters at work.


Four components of psychological safety

According to Dr Timothy Clark, author of 'The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety': Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation, employees have to progress through the below 4 stages before they feel free to make valuable contributions and challenge the status quo.

How stay interviews can help

Stage 1: Inclusion safety

This satisfies the need to connect and belong.

Stage 2: Learner safety

This satisfies the need to learn and grow.

Stage 3: Contributor safety

This satisfies the need to make a difference.

Stage 4: Challenger safety

This satisfies the need to make things better.


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