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Increase your staff’s take home pay by up to $12,000 a year

(With zero fees for your business!)

Did you know that over 25% of employees think about leaving the current employer? With the average cost of hiring reaching a staggering $23,000, investing in employee retention not only saves you money but also empowers your workforce to get the most from their pay.

Benefits for your industry

Dive into the compelling industry-specific data unlocked by our 2023 National Employee Benefits Index. From construction to admin and retail, discover the secrets to a benefits program that your employees will appreciate.

Retain talent and thrive together

Perks that stick

Create a retention pipeline by pairing stellar onboarding with long-term perks that boost morale and work-life balance. Drive a thriving workforce that stays for the long haul.

Fuel employee tenure

Fuel long term loyalty by providing Novated leasing, an attractive perk that helps them save on their commute and enjoy the ride.

Eco-friendly rides, future-ready drives

Foster your staff’s loyalty and give them a simple way to join the electric revolution. Thanks to generous legislation, eligible EVs are exempt from FBT, which could save your employees a lot of money.

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