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How We Make Onboarding Setup Magical

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How 4 of our customers embraced digital onboarding to deliver a great employee experience 

Digital automation in HR has transformed many important, but highly manual HR tasks. Things that could take hours or even days, can now be done in next to no time. Digital onboarding though is still a relatively new process. 

While it takes some time for digital contracts and e-signatures to become widely accepted, now that they are, businesses are seeing massive benefits by jumping on board. For HR managers, benefits include:  

  • Saving time 
  • Reducing errors 
  • Decreasing repetitive paperwork 
  • Providing a better experience 
  • Compliantly generating data, and triggering new workflows 

No longer do you need to give your new hires mountain of paperwork to complete on their first dayWhile they still need to sign the letter of engagement, complete tax declaration and superannuation choice forms, give you their bank account details, and read and acknowledge your workplace policies; digitisation delivers the inexpensive luxury of streamlining these essential onboarding steps. 

Well before their start day, you ask your new hire to log in to your HR system to view and approve everything from their contracts, forms, documents and even your online induction content.   


Digital onboarding delivers significant competitive advantage 

Digital onboarding presents an opportunity to deliver a new hire experience that leaves a lasting great first impression. And since digital solutions are scalable, your company can grow without fear of onboarding paperwork piling up around you.  

 Already, for our customers, Flare’s digital onboarding technology has delivered some standout results. 

Sephora beautifies its onboarding experience 

At beauty retailer Sephora, it used to take two people two weeks to fully onboard new store employees. With Flare’s digital onboarding process, their entire process is now paperless, and takes just 60 seconds! 

Employing a mix of part-time and casual workers in its vibrant stores, Sephora’s onboarding process used to be incredibly paper heavy. Each new employee would receive a starter package in the mail, which included a physical handbook costing the company $25 to create. With postage, this package cost $40 for each new employee. They would then have to wait for the documents in the package to be completed and returned. 

With Flare, Sephora is able to set up new employees in just a minute. Employees receive an email through the Flare platform asking them to complete their onboarding process on the platform. 

With the responsibility to fill in all the necessary HR forms online falling on individual employees, rather than the HR team, the HR team saves an enormous amount of administration time, whilst increasing the accuracy and timeliness of the information.   

Read Sephora’s onboarding story. 

KJR sets a new standard in employee onboarding  

Setting the standard in independent software quality assurance, strategic advisory firm KJR helps businesses avoid digital disasters. 

Championing their clients’ digital advancement, and finding better ways of doing things, KJR recognised how it‘s onboarding process for new employees was decidedly old school.  

A lengthy process, it involved sending emails back and forth. The company would send contracts and workplace policies as attachments that needed to be printed out, signed, scanned and returned 

While the process was time consuming and tedious, there was no guarantee that the receiver would be able to print and scan the required forms which would only delay everyone involved 

In addition, a physical Tax File Number declaration form needed to be mailed out to the new starter, for it to be completed and mailed back in readiness for the employee’s first day. For a company that prides itself on digital advancement, this employee experience didn’t really stack up 

By turning to Flare, KJR got access to a new and intuitive HR system that minimises the time that needs to be spent on HR administration, whilst digitising HR processes as well. Through Flare’s digital and automated onboarding process, KJR has radically cut the time it spends onboarding new employees. 

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Employsure embraces end-to-end onboarding 

Recognised with a silver award in HRD magazine’s 2018 Employer of Choice awards, Employsure is a master in workplace regulations, and is a first port of call for small and medium businesses who need help in this often complex area. 

Within its operations, the company was running disparate systems for employee onboarding and HR management which meant the company lacked unified data.  

Wanting one source of truth across the entire employee lifecycle, Employsure turned to Flare to create an end-to-end employee onboarding process to track employees throughout their tenure. The technology helps the company stay up-to-date with HR data and admin, as well as follow their employees through to offboarding. 

With Flare, Employsure now keeps track of employee activity on the platform, and can see when employees make changes to their details and salary packages. They are also now able to easily offboard employees at no extra effort, as it is part of the system.  

Read Employsure’s story. 

Bondi Pizza automates visa checking as part of onboarding 

Operating seven pizzerias across Sydney, Bondi Pizza relies on a steady stream of students and working holiday makers to staff their thriving restaurants.   

Employing large numbers of overseas staff requires stringent protocols for ensuring compliance with Australian employment laws and work permits. 

As such, managers at Bondi Pizza would have to visually check records on a monthly basis to ensure their employees had valid visas. This was both a time consuming and laborious process. 

Turning to Flare, Bondi Pizza fully automated and digitised its onboarding process, and enabled employees to review and sign contracts, and acknowledge workplace policies online. With automated checks and notifications about employees’ visa status, the pizza chain now effortlessly stays on top of compliance and minimises the amount of manual processing and paperwork. Over their first 12-month period with Flare, Bondi Pizza eliminated around 3 months of admin work across all restaurants. 

Read Bondi Pizza’s story. 

So, take the lead from some of Australia’s fastest growing companies, and embrace digital onboarding to deliver a new hire experience that leaves a lasting great first impression. It’ll also free you up from a serious amount of onboarding paperwork! 

Digital onboarding  

With technology from Flare, you can make digital onboarding a piece of your HR toolkitBook in your demo, and see how easy it is to deliver a first-class onboarding experience for your new hires.  


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