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A novated lease was simpler, convenient, and saved Alexandra money

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Alexandra Myers, a Veterinarian Pathologist, recently moved over from the USA and was in the market to purchase a new car to explore her adopted country and make the daily commute to work easier.

With a busy life and a new job, Alexandra felt overwhelmed by the idea of car shopping. In the past, car shopping had been an unpleasant experience where she had visited multiple dealerships, compared lists of options, and was forced to haggle on prices.

She explored a novated lease. “The novated lease option seemed really appealing to me since a) I realised I could use pre-tax dollars toward payments and b) someone would be guiding me through the whole process,” says Alexandra.

Alexandra decided on a Subaru. “We owned a Subaru in the US and loved it, so we knew we wanted another Subaru. My husband is 2 metres tall, and the Forester is plenty roomy for him and has lots of cargo space for our adventures,” she says.

“Our experience with Flare was much less stressful than our previous car buying experience. I told the Flare folks what kind of car we were looking for, and they found the car, got us quotes, and handled the financing and salary packaging aspects. Basically, they took care of everything,” shares Alexandra.

She adds, “I’d recommend Flare Cars to friends or colleagues. For me, the whole novated lease process was simpler and more convenient than the traditional car buying experience, and the Flare folks basically held my hand through the whole thing. They got me the car I wanted delivered to my door, and I can use pre-tax dollars to pay for it which reduces my taxable income.”

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