Why Benefits Need To Be Personalised

Personalised workplace benefits and a workplace culture that is designed for your people can create an environment which encourages employees to succeed.

Every company strives to achieve higher retention rates, provide training, and encourage employees to develop new interests. Most companies are also looking for new ways of meeting their commitments to promote diversity across the organization, and to improve the company’s climate and culture.

One of the solutions is to use the best available technology to promote compliance and promote fairness across the environment. The company’s management has to establish and implemented a number of programs to ensure that their HR tools keep them in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and work with staff to develop policies, guidelines, procedures, and training.

But a key part of that has to address personalisation. It’s just the truth that there is no one size fits all in the workplace! Every single person has different needs and requirements and ways of interacting, engaging and working. If you expect everyone to respond to the same stuff, every single time, you’re never going to serve anyone well.

You’ll see this most effectively in the benefits world…

Benefits are so important for employees to feel included and engaged but they aren’t going to meet that need if they feel exclusive or they’re not tailored to real people. Benefits can make people feel at home, they can make them feel valued and they can make them feel understood. None of that matters if they’re the wrong kind because they have nothing to do with where and who your employees are.

Not everyone can use a free a movie ticket.

Not everyone drives a car.

Some people need childcare subsidies.

Some people have debt and need support.

If you approach everyone in the same way, and try to give everyone these benefits and expect that they’ll appreciate or use them, best case scenario is that you don’t include everyone. Worst case scenario is that you actively exclude people, while still expecting that they’ll appreciate their new benefits. That won’t work.

But imagine a world in which you can ensure that every single employee gets the right benefits for them. That’s a world with a benefits offering that supports and understands people. And it’s one that we think is going to come around sooner rather than later.

The range of benefits people really need can cover financial benefits, perks, education, discounts and more, and when you know who needs what, you’ll be better able to provide for every single person. The flow on effects are going to raise your employees by so much, and can only turn your engagement into a massive positive force inside your company.

You can start by understanding who your people are and what they need!

One of the reasons we believe onboarding is so important is that it allows you to capture the right information about your staff as soon as they start their jobs. You can see who you’re hiring and you can ask them important questions that you can use to shape the way you work with and help them.

At Flare, we even go so far as to ask people their favourite pastry choice so we can have it waiting for them on day one. That’s a tiny, tiny benefit that costs almost nothing and takes a few extra minutes of work, but it changes how our staff feel because it is incredibly personalised.

There are so many more ways you can achieve this, and it does depend on who you are and who your people are.

After all, everyone wants to feel understood…right?

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