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Even the playing field by offering car salary packaging

Flare’s fully digital process streamlines the car salary packaging experience, making it faster, easier, and more convenient for both you and your employees.
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Car salary packaging benefits your employees and your business too

Compete with large companies

It’s a competitive labour market, and car salary packaging is a way that you can offer the same financial incentives that bigger businesses do to even the playing field.

No fees for your business

There are no start-up costs or ongoing fees. 
All the expenses for car salary packaging are deducted from your participating employees’ salary.

Offer significant savings

Electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) adoption in Australia is set to explode. With the introduction of no Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) for eligible* vehicles through a novated lease, these cars will be in high demand with your employees.

Improve cashflow 
by minimising payroll tax

If your business qualifies to pay payroll tax, you may be able to minimise your payroll tax by reducing your employees’ taxable income through a novated lease arrangement.

Boost your employees’ salaries at no cost

The cost of living is going up, and vehicle related costs are one of Australia’s biggest household expenses. Car salary packaging gives you a meaningful and impactful way to help your employees save money.

Keep your employees for the long run

It’s hard to find good people, and when you do you want to hold on to them. A novated lease is a strong retention tool. Over the past 12 months, only 4.4% of Flare leaseholders left their job since signing.

A paperless, digital process

Flare’s innovative end-to-end process is better for you, your employees, and the environment. It eliminates paperwork, saves time and reduces the effort to apply and set up a novated lease from four hours to within ten minutes.

Offer even more

Through the free Flare benefits platform, you can give your employees access to car salary packaging alongside everyday savings with hundreds of retailers and much more, at no cost.

Experts in electric vehicles

Our car experts have an extensive understanding of all cars, including electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. We can help you to offer the significant savings available for eligible EVs and PHEVs to your employees, and build on your sustainability program.

Car salary packaging with Flare 
is low-touch and hassle-free

Set up your business 
in 10 minutes

If you have never had a novated lease before, we’ll help you understand it, get set up, and promote it within your business. We make it simple and easy. The whole set up process will take you less than 10 minutes with Flare.

Fits in with your payroll

You don’t need to adjust your payroll cycles. We offer the flexibility to tailor salary deductions and invoicing with direct debit to suit your business needs. It’s low-touch to administer with ‘set and forget’ salary deductions.

No admin burden

Flare’s dedicated team will manage the lease from start 
to finish directly with your employee, and provide any support they need along 
the way.

Support to embed 
your program

We help drive the adoption 
of salary packaging within 
your business through an educational and digitally led employee experience with 
our Flare app.

Download our comprehensive salary packaging guide

Find out the benefits and steps involved to get your business set up in minutes.

Frequently asked questions

What will a novated lease cost my business?

Offering novated leases to your employees won’t cost your business anything. There are no ongoing or management fees. The employees are responsible for the lease amount.

It’s not complicated to set up or manage your novated lease program with Flare. With our fully digital solution, we can help get you set up within minutes not hours.

If you’ve never had or offered a novated lease before, we can help you understand it and launch it to your staff.

We manage all day-to-day dealings with your staff about their novated lease, so there is no administrative burden on you.

Flare will manage the novated lease directly with the employee. They are available to provide support.

On average people with a Flare novated lease save $20,000 on their vehicle purchase price, running costs, and tax over the course of ownership.

Your employees benefit from before-tax savings on all the running costs of their vehicle, so they have nothing left to worry about. This includes fuel, service and maintenance, rego and CTP (NSW), and insurance.

Flare uses the Employee Contribution Method (ECM) for FBT, closely managing this directly with employees to help ensure that there is no FBT liability on your business.

Employees love Flare Benefits

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Note : * The vehicle must be at first sale less than the luxury car tax threshold for fuel efficient vehicles which is $89,332 as of the 1st of July 2023.