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Factsheet: Stay interviews

If only there was something you could do to make sure that your best employees won’t leave your company…well – that’s what stay interviews are for.
Stay interviews are similar to an exit interview, except they are conversations with current employees who either aren’t planning to leave, or haven’t announced their intentions to leave yet. These conversations aim to understand the secret sauce to employee retention, or what an individual loves about working at your company, and what your business needs to change in order to keep them engaged and retained.
Download our factsheet to learn more about stay interviews and why they are important to retain top talent.

Stay interviews are your secret weapon for retaining top talent

The best way to build an exceptional employee experience is to listen to your employees. Stay interviews are another way to connect your talent, hear their concerns, and take action to build a better workplace where your employees can develop a lengthy career.

How stay interviews can help

Spot issues:

identify and get ahead of potential problems.

Find solutions:

Move to resolve individual issues immediately.

Engage staff:

Show that you are invested in your people.


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