Onboard new employees in minutes, not days

Eliminate the mountains of paperwork and reduce the time it takes to onboard new employees by switching to a digital onboarding process powered by Flare.

Easily add new employees

Use the simple interface to add new employees quickly and easily, or integrate with your ATS to automatically bring their information across.

Upload a spreadsheet

Upload a spreadsheet of new employees and they’ll be automatically added to the system.

Sync from your ATS

Sync employee details from your ATS to make the process quick and easy.

Add employees individually

Add new employees in seconds using the simple interface.

Automatically generate documentation

Setup templates for all your employment documents (contracts, policies, etc) and they’ll be automatically populated with employee details ready for the employee to sign.
Automatically generate documentation@2x
Employment Contracts

Automatically generate employment contracts for new hires to sign, complete with role details, salary information & more.

Policy documents

Automatically generate company policy documents, like workplace safety and anti-discrimination policies, ready for the new employee to read and sign.

Collect employee information with ease

Simply send new hires a link and have them enter information, sign contracts, upload certifications and more through a simple online interface.
Collect employee details

Easily collect employee details, like address, contact information, emergency contact details, and more.

Get contracts signed

Allow new hires to view their employment contract and digitally sign it.

Upload visas & certifications

Capture visa & certification documents easily by allowing new hires to upload them.

Collect tax information

Collect tax information, such as tax file numbers and withholding requirements, through the simple online interface.

Collect super choices

Easily collect the details of the employees preferred superannuation fund without any paper forms.

Gather bank details

Gather employee bank details automatically through the simple online form, and reduce the chance of payment errors later on.

Automatically send data where it needs to go

Automatically send the information captured about about the employee to the systems it needs to go to, as well as back to the employee themselves.

Automatically send employee details, contracts, signed policies, visas, certifications into your HRIS system


Automatically send employee details, salary information, bank account details, tax & super information and more into your payroll system


Automatically file the TFN Declaration form with the Australia Tax Office


Automatically send the signed employment contracts and policy documents to the employee

Give new hires a great first experience

Increase employee engagement by giving them a great first experience with your company.

Give them a message from the CEO

Add videos and other content (from the CEO for example) to the onboarding flow to welcome new hires to the company.

Get them familiar with their team

Add bios and information on their team members to the onboarding flow to get them familiar with their team mates.

Personalise their first day

Ask personal questions like favourite coffee during the onboarding flow, and then have that exact coffee waiting for them when they arrive.
Fai Allam - HR Manager Sephora
“It used to take two people two weeks just to onboard one employee, now it takes 60 seconds! The entire process has been cut down massively with Flare.”

Works seamlessly with other products

Used alone, Flare’s onboarding product cuts employee onboarding time from days to minutes, but it’s even better when used with Flare’s other products.
Onboard new employees in minutes, not days, with Flare’s digital onboarding product
Reduce admin work and keep employees happy with Falre's HR management product
Run perfect pay runs every time with Flare's payroll product
Offer benefits, like discounted movie tickets, at no cost with Flare's benefits product

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