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The Agile Onboarding Checklist

Beginning the process of human resource planning needs careful attention because when it’s done well, human resource forward thinking is a valuable process which will ensure that the employees you currently have, match well with the tasks which need attention, integrate into your company and culture, and feel at home. 

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Why Onboarding Should Be A Resource Priority


The onboarding experience can be a bewildering time for a new employee, and it can leave a person disoriented and anxious for days, if not handled properly. Your Human Resources department should take the lead in making the onboarding process as painless as possible for a newcomer, so they can begin to fit in with the existing corporate culture, and so they can become productive as soon as possible.

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First Days: Expectation Vs. Reality…

Your Team’s First Day: Expectations vs. Reality

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How (And Why!) To Set Metrics For Your Onboarding

Onboarding metrics are all about the data used in measuring the effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of the most vital part of an HR program. They are useful in empowering organizations to calculate the return on investment of each department. Well-thought-out onboarding metrics provide an opportunity for HR teams to prove how much value they can generate.

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