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3 Smart ideas to transform your onboarding experience

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3 smart ideas to transform employee onboarding

We all know you only get one chance to make a good first impression. So, it beggars belief that so many businesses persist with pedestrian onboarding practices that leave a lasting poor impression. As the first full introduction to your company, you’ve got to make your onboarding experience a good one. 

An onboarding experience built on manual and paper-oriented processes not only leaves a poor lasting impression, it’s a big part of why new employees quit their jobs within in the first 90 days.

According to staffing agency Robert Half & Associates, it’s why 28% of new hires don’t stick around past three months. If you ignore employee onboarding beyond the essential paperwork and leave new hires to figure out things for themselves, you’ll lose them – figuratively, and literally. 


Positive Onboarding Experience

Make sure when your new hire shows up for their first day, they can begin the process of getting to know the team and your company’s culture, as well as understand how their role fits into the organisation’s bigger picture. 

With a successful onboarding experience, new hires should feel comfortable with their fellow co-workers, confident to ask questions, and eager to dive in. 

Here are three practical ideas to transform your onboarding process:

1. Get the paperwork out of the way before they start 

Once your new hire has accepted your offer, send them a welcome letter, and ask them to complete and return the obligatory employee information form, as well as tax and superannuation declarations well in advance of their first day. You should also send them your company policies that they’ll need to read and acknowledge. By getting all the paperwork out of the way before they start, you can focus their first days on meeting the team and settling into their new role.

2. Assign team members to each part of the onboarding process 

Ensure everyone in the new hire’s team has a role to play in the onboarding process. With multiple people involved, you need to ensure everyone knows their own role and who else is involved in the process. It’s essential to plan responsibilities ahead of time to demonstrate how well your team works together.

3. Create FAQs for new hires

All new hires will have hundreds of questions. So, it makes sense to prepare answers to the most commonly asked questions well ahead of their start date. Create a searchable list of FAQs and post to your employee intranet, and make sure you encourage your new hire to delve in. As each new employee joins your team, take note of any questions they have that you haven’t answered, and continue to update your FAQs on a regular basis.

Digital onboarding

Creating the best possible onboarding process is important for any business.  And digital technology now enables every business to create a smooth, personalised and engaging onboarding experience. 

With technology from Flare, you can start your new hire’s journey to becoming a productive employee, long before their first day. You can see just how innovative beauty retailer Sephora uses our digital onboarding technology to transform their onboarding process.

Onboarding checklist

Want help making sure your onboarding experience ticks all the right boxes? Download our free checklist to ensure you’re taking all the right steps to provide an amazing onboarding experience for your new hires. 

See for yourself how our platform can help you deliver a best-in-class onboarding experience. 


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