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Workplace software Flare partners with SWEAT, the app founded by Kayla Itsines

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday Nov 17, 2020

Sydney, NSW: Flare today announced a new partnership with SWEAT, the fitness app founded by world-renowned Australian fitness trainer Kayla Itsines. This partnership will enable Flare customers to access exclusive discounts to the SWEAT app within Flare Benefits & Discounts so they can bring physical health and fitness programs to women in the workplace.

“We are delighted to partner with SWEAT, the #1 leading fitness app for women, as a new wellness provider on the Flare benefits platform. SWEAT has created an ever expanding fitness community for women and we are excited to bring preferred pricing on subscriptions to the hundreds of thousands of employees, and women, in our growing network.”  

– Janine Fry, Head of Customer Experience at Flare

Key takeaways for the partnership:

  • SWEAT is the leading fitness app for women across the world. This partnership enables working women to access exclusive discounts within Flare.
  • Members have access to hundreds of workouts including Kayla’s BBG Program (Bikini Body Guide), plus high intensity cardio, weight lifting, yoga and post-pregnancy
  • Members get access to hundreds of recipes that have been designed to help women achieve their health and fitness goals

To learn more about Flare x SWEAT, visit SWEAT x Flare to learn more or login to your Flare benefits portal.

About Flare

Flare is a workplace technology business offering market-leading digital workplace solutions, including onboarding, benefits, employee engagement and financial products designed to help Australians live their best financial lives. Over 2,500 companies use Flare’s technology to deliver solutions to their 650,000 employees, creating compliant, employee-centric journeys that automate traditional processes to save time, build culture and improve employee retention. In November 2020, Flare has raised $22 million in series C fundraising and will use this funding to expand beyond HR into a full suite financial wellness solution.

About SWEAT by Kayla Itsines

SWEAT is the leading fitness app for women across the world founded by Australian trainer Kayla Itsines. Since its launch in 2015, the SWEAT app has expanded to support and educate millions of women in their health and fitness journeys. SWEAT’s vision is to empower women through fitness. The app contains hundreds of workouts including Kayla’s BBG programs plus high intensity cardio, weight lifting, yoga & post-pregnancy.

For media enquiries contact Brittany Wong: [email protected]

Flare raises $22 million in series C fundraising, and expands beyond HR into a full suite financial wellness solution

When we started Flare five years ago, we knew that technology could play a key role in reimagining the relationship between businesses and their teams. In 2020, over 2,500 businesses use our software to engage with their teams of more than 650,000 employees nationwide, and we’re integrated with over a dozen HR and payroll platforms. This means Flare is used by 1 in 20 Aussies in the workplace—and we’re just getting started.

Today, we’re announcing our Series C capital raise of $22 million, led by MYOB, one of Australia’s leading technology companies. The round also includes existing investors Point72 Ventures, Acorn Capital and David Fite, and Malcolm Turnbull joins as a new investor. Both Malcolm and David will join Flare as special advisors.

A partnership for scale

In addition to leading this round of funding, we are thrilled to announce our  partnership with MYOB, to deliver world-class digital products and solutions to MYOB customers. Flare and MYOB share a similar ethos, in that we both exist to help businesses and their employees thrive. This partnership will see us continue to focus on our mission of making it easy for Australian businesses to onboard, pay, and engage with their teams—at work, and beyond. Our software will be available for MYOB SME customers by the end of the year, and Enterprise customers in 2021.

We’re excited to play an active role in the next stages of Flare’s growth and look forward to working together to unlock the potential of their unique software. Our purpose at MYOB is to help more businesses start, survive and succeed, and what better way to do this than by empowering them to more efficiently onboard and engage the lifeblood of their business – their employees.

Andrew Baines
General Manager Financial Services, MYOB

Fuel for our next chapter

The pandemic era with COVID-19 means workplaces will never be the same. Engaging and retaining a distributed or remote workforce is more important than ever, and more Australians are living with stress. 40% of us experienced some form of financial stress in 2020, and millions live payday to payday.

This capital raise allows us to improve our market-leading B2B solutions, and expand our growing suite of workplace financial products designed to help every Aussie get the most out of their money, no matter what they want to do with it, and help them achieve financial security. We are incredibly excited to roll these products out over the coming months.

Flare’s unique business model provides real value to Australian firms and their employees in equal measure, at a time when the future of work looks very different. I’m excited to join Dan, James and the entire Flare team in this next chapter of their journey.

Malcolm Turnbull
Former Prime Minister of Australia


And finally, we wouldn’t have reached this milestone without our talented team. From our very first office in Bondi (where running water was not always a thing), to co-working spaces and now our headquarters in Barangaroo, thank you to everyone who has walked these floors since 2015, and been part of the Flare story.

We are incredibly proud of the team we’ve built, and their tireless efforts to bring our vision to life. If you’re interested in joining us for this next ride, we’re hiring across product, engineering, marketing, and finance. You can check out our open roles here.

Dan and James


The minimum wage has been increased by 1.75% – here’s what you need to know

In the Annual Wage Review on Friday June 19, the Fair Work Commission made a decision to increase the minimum wage by $13 per week for all awards. While this decision was lower than the recommendations from the union, who wanted a 4% increase, this change will impact millions of Australians on minimum wage.

The Fair Work Commission has increased the minimum wage in a bid to ensure that households on minimum wage don’t fall into poverty and significant disadvantage as a result of the economic downturn.

How much was the minimum wage increased by?

The increase of 1.75% will increase the minimum wage to $753.80 per week, or an hourly rate of $19.84.

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How does this impact employers?

All employees working in Australia are entitled to a minimum wage. Employers who have employees on minimum wage will need to ensure that they follow the new minimum wages set by the Fair Work Commission.

The increases to award wages will start on 3 different dates for different awards. The first wave will come into effect on July 1 for workers on the front line of the pandemic — such as healthcare, education, childcare and other essential services.

The second round of increases will begin at the start of November, and the final stage in February next year, when workers in tourism, hospitality and retail will have their minimum wage increased.

For anyone not covered by an award or an enterprise agreement, the new national minimum wage will be $753.80 per week or $19.84 per hour. This applies from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2020

How can you ensure you’re compliant with the minimum wage?

Check the updates on the Fair Work Commission website to see how this will affect your business and industry.

Everything you need to know about Centrelink’s coronavirus supplements

Since the government lock down caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of businesses have been forced to close their doors leaving thousands of Australians out of work. Some economists expect the unemployment rate to reach up to 10-15%.

If you have lost your job or your income has been affected by the coronavirus, the good news is Centrelink is now offering supplements of up to $550 per fortnight. Here’s how you can apply for Centrelink’s new coronavirus supplements.

How much can you receive from Centrelink’s coronavirus supplement?

The coronavirus supplement is $550 per fortnight. This supplement is not income or assets tested – anyone who is eligible for it will receive the full $550 per fortnight. It is also important to note that this coronavirus payment is an additional support to people who are already on welfare like JobSeeker or Youth Allowance. There are multiple factors which impact your welfare payment amount, including your income, assets and dependants so it is difficult to estimate.

Who can receive Centrelink’s coronavirus supplement?

In order to receive Centrelink’s coronavirus supplements, you need to already be eligible for a Centrelink welfare payment like JobSeeker or Youth Allowance. If you are already receiving a welfare payment from Centrelink like the above, the coronavirus supplement will be automatically applied.

JobSeeker payments are available to Australian citizens and residents between 22 and 66 years old and Youth Allowance payments are available for people under 21 years old.

You can apply if you have been:

  • Stood down from your job
  • Your income is reduced
  • You are a carer for someone with coronavirus

Other eligibility criteria: 

  • Your partner must earn less than $3,068 a fortnight ($79,762/year) for you to be eligible.

Who is not eligible for the coronavirus supplement?

Not everyone is automatically eligible for welfare payments, this includes:

  • Anyone with a partner earning more than $79,762/year
  • Workers receiving employer entitlements such as sick leave, annual leave or redundancy packages
  • People claiming income protection insurance
  • Anyone whose income exceeds the threshold

When should you apply for the coronavirus supplement?

Apply for the JobSeeker payment as soon as you can. With the increase in demand Centrelink may take longer to process your application.

How do you apply for the Centrelink’s coronavirus supplement?

  1. Login or sign up to MyGov to start a claim.
  2. Once you login to MyGov register your intention to claim through the link below. The date you register your intention to claim is the date that future payments can be backdated if you are approved.
  1. Prepare any documentation you might need including three proof of identity documents for when Centrelink calls you.
  2. A Centrelink employee will contact you through a private number and take you through the process of setting up your account with them, assessing your eligibility and beginning your claim.
  3. Once you have your CRN, you can start your claim through the Centrelink button on the MyGov website.

If you have any other questions regarding this supplement, we recommend visiting this resource from Finder and the Australian Government website.

Coronavirus: How HR leaders from Apple, Google and Nike are responding

The Coronavirus has continued to spread worldwide at alarming numbers. During this time of uncertainty it’s more important than ever before that we get our communities, workplaces and ourselves prepared.

Companies are looking to HR and people leaders to plan and prepare for the change in work. HR plays a critical role in guiding employees and management teams to prepare, and help keep the calm with unprecedented new challenges arising.

HR teams from Apple, Google and more are sharing Coronavirus plans publicly

Some of the world’s biggest companies have joined together to crowdsource a collection of resources to help HR and business leaders inform their employees about their Coronavirus response plans.

Coronavirus HR Comms & Resources Guide
Source: Coronavirus HR Comms & Resources Guide

Here’s the link to find a curated collection of public Coronavirus response communications, templates, news, remote work, hiring impact, and resources. 

How to communicate Coronavirus information in your organisation

1. Build a Coronavirus response plan

A Coronavirus response plan is essential to help anticipate and develop solutions to the disruption it will cause to your business. The Coronavirus HR Communications & Resources gives you access to Playbooks, Responsive Plans, WFH policy templates from the global HR community.

2. Distribute your Coronavirus plan

Create an information hub where employees can find all the information they need. Consider a HR communications tool like Flare which can help you manage, distribute and amplify communications to employees easily and efficiently. You can schedule a free demo of Flare here.

3. Re-evaluate your work from home policy

Many of you will be making plans for some of your employees to start working from home. Some of you will already have started. Here is one of our favourite guides to managing remote work: 21 tips to remote working.

LinkedIn’s Top Startups: Growing the team at Flare

LinkedIn has named Flare as one of the top startups to work for in 2019! We’re excited to be featured alongside so many fantastic local companies who are pushing the envelope with innovation, tech and – yes! – with culture.

The list went live just last week, and we feel it was a testament to who we are, what we believe, and how we work. As a company grows, it’s incredibly important to keep growing into and with your values, and we think this list is a great example of how Flare was able to do just that.

The past twelve months have been a transformative time for the team, and the accomplishments that we can put our names to have made every one of us prouder than ever to be here!

We have a really engaged culture here at Flare. We live by our People First value, we support each other, and we are building that rare mix of team, family and community. Our people get together for team outings, we celebrate our wins together every Friday, we share movie nights, grand finals, and family picnics.

It’s not just a place where we work – it’s a place where we belong.

…And the great part is, we’re growing fast and hiring!

We’re on the hunt for amazing candidates for roles across a number of teams including customer support, marketing, product, tech and sales. These are all roles that will allow you to have a deeply personal impact on the company’s mission, future and achievements throughout the next few years. If that’s a challenge that you’re up for, you’ll find a support network of professionals who will become more than just co-workers – they’ll be your fellow travellers on the Flare journey.

Flare’s Values…

People First

At Flare we put our people first, every time. We believe an employee centric focus will always result in better customer outcomes. 

Bat .400

Flare gives everyone the opportunity to swing the bat. We believe great things are only achieved when we promote an environment that encourages trying, even if you fail. 

Trust the Process

Flare understands that success and growth are not a straight line –  the path is more like a walk of discovery. 

Do the Right Thing

We empower our people to do the right thing when faced with conflict. We know that this yields long term success and sustainability. 

Act like an Owner

We encourage everyone to take responsibility for the company and the mission. This value is at the centre of our culture and our teamwork.

Check out our listings right here, and apply!

LinkedIn has named Flare as one of the top startups to work for in 2019! We’re excited to be featured alongside so many fantastic local companies who are pushing the envelope with innovation, tech and – yes! – with culture. The list went live just last week, and we feel it was a testament to […]