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Everything you need to know about Centrelink’s coronavirus supplements

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Since the government lock down caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of businesses have been forced to close their doors leaving thousands of Australians out of work. Some economists expect the unemployment rate to reach up to 10-15%.

If you have lost your job or your income has been affected by the coronavirus, the good news is Centrelink is now offering supplements of up to $550 per fortnight. Here’s how you can apply for Centrelink’s new coronavirus supplements.

How much can you receive from Centrelink’s coronavirus supplement?

The coronavirus supplement is $550 per fortnight. This supplement is not income or assets tested – anyone who is eligible for it will receive the full $550 per fortnight. It is also important to note that this coronavirus payment is an additional support to people who are already on welfare like JobSeeker or Youth Allowance. There are multiple factors which impact your welfare payment amount, including your income, assets and dependants so it is difficult to estimate.

Who can receive Centrelink’s coronavirus supplement?

In order to receive Centrelink’s coronavirus supplements, you need to already be eligible for a Centrelink welfare payment like JobSeeker or Youth Allowance. If you are already receiving a welfare payment from Centrelink like the above, the coronavirus supplement will be automatically applied.

JobSeeker payments are available to Australian citizens and residents between 22 and 66 years old and Youth Allowance payments are available for people under 21 years old.

You can apply if you have been:

  • Stood down from your job
  • Your income is reduced
  • You are a carer for someone with coronavirus

Other eligibility criteria: 

  • Your partner must earn less than $3,068 a fortnight ($79,762/year) for you to be eligible.

Who is not eligible for the coronavirus supplement?

Not everyone is automatically eligible for welfare payments, this includes:

  • Anyone with a partner earning more than $79,762/year
  • Workers receiving employer entitlements such as sick leave, annual leave or redundancy packages
  • People claiming income protection insurance
  • Anyone whose income exceeds the threshold

When should you apply for the coronavirus supplement?

Apply for the JobSeeker payment as soon as you can. With the increase in demand Centrelink may take longer to process your application.

How do you apply for the Centrelink’s coronavirus supplement?

  1. Login or sign up to MyGov to start a claim.
  2. Once you login to MyGov register your intention to claim through the link below. The date you register your intention to claim is the date that future payments can be backdated if you are approved.
  1. Prepare any documentation you might need including three proof of identity documents for when Centrelink calls you.
  2. A Centrelink employee will contact you through a private number and take you through the process of setting up your account with them, assessing your eligibility and beginning your claim.
  3. Once you have your CRN, you can start your claim through the Centrelink button on the MyGov website.

If you have any other questions regarding this supplement, we recommend visiting this resource from Finder and the Australian Government website.

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