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Australian employers nationwide can expand their employee wellness programs instantly with free exclusive benefits, discounts and wellness offers from leading Australian retailers through the Flare Wellness Network.

You can register your entire workforce, including stood down employees, volunteers, part-time and full-time workers.


Put your people first and keep them engaged

Customise and brand your corporate wellness program

Customise your own benefits administration portal, combining your existing program offers with Flare's benefits and wellness offers.

Give employees access to hundreds of wellness offers

Get access to hundreds of wellness offers and discounts from leading Australian retailers for your entire workforce, on top of your existing benefits program.

Go live and launch wellness offers to your employees in days

Go live and expand your wellness program exponentially, and launch within days.

"How well we progress together through the COVID-19 pandemic, to reinstate a vision for a healthy and well society, is the opportunity in front of us. We’ve created the Flare Wellness Network to help support the wellbeing of the Australian workforce. Join the network and help us spread the word."

— Daniel Cohen, CEO, Flare

The Flare Wellness Network is a free wellness hub for job seekers and employers that is built upon a network of hiring and benefits partners, in support of the wellbeing of the Australian workforce. You can easily expand your corporate wellness program to support a more holistic approach to wellness.

This is a COVID-19 initiative led by Flare HR, a leading software company that is reimagining work and money through financial products and HR software for employers. At Flare, we believe in supporting Australians with a holistic approach to wellness, recognising all areas of worker's health and well-being including these four pillars of wellness.


The Four Pillars of Wellness

Supporting the Four Pillars of Wellness through the Flare Wellness Network
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Flare is used by over 300,000 people across Australia's leading employers

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Free Online Learning

Want to level up your skills and take some free online courses? Access a library of thousands of online learning courses.

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Register your workforce for free, and join a network of partners supporting the wellbeing of Australians.


Please note: Currently, custom Flare Wellness hubs are available for businesses with 500 employees or greater. However, please register your interest, as we're looking to expand the offering to more businesses soon, and similar products are currently available.

You can also encourage your employees to register and access the free benefits directly through the job seeker wellness hub.

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